During our #LakbayLawaFamTour, we didn’t have the opportunity to visit the Old Taal Church on the first day because climbing Taal Volcano at high noon is energy consuming, so instead, we called it a day and headed to our accommodation.
The morning after was our best opportunity to see the area where the 15th Century ruins of the Old Taal Church is located.

You’d feel pretty fascinated by the fact that some of the locals (the elders) still know a lot about the history of the church and what happened to it.
Old Taal Church: The 15th Century Ruins -

Old Taal Church Ruins History

According to, “In 1572, Fr. Agustin de Albuquerque was the first Augustinian priest that came and gathered the natives to Balangon, the original Town of Taal. In 1575, the Moro Pirates destroyed Balangon and the town was transferred to Lumang Taal (Old Taal), near the shores of Lake Taal (currently San Nicolas). In 1575, Fray Diego de Espinar, the credited founding Augustinian missionary of Taal, started building the original church dedicated to St. Martin de Tours.”
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The biggest eruption of Taal Volcano destroyed the church in 1754. Due to the eruption, the town was moved to higher terrain where the statue of St. Martin de Tours stands. Fray Martin Aguirre, the then parish priest was the one responsible for the new location of the town and is the person also responsible as to where the church is located now.

Why should you pay a visit to the Old Taal Church?

The Old Taal Church is considered as one of the heritage spots in San Nicolas, Batangas. It’s also just a few minutes away from the municipal hall.
Old Taal Church: The 15th Century Ruins -
You’d find interesting facts when you visit the church. You’d also see how the church is made of when you look closely at each stone. The walls of the old Taal church are made up of dead corals that came from the nearby ocean/lake.
A statue of St. Martin de Tours is also on site, together with other figures.

You will also find a few people who you could talk with to ask about other history or what has happened during the eruption of the Taal Volcano and how it changed the town of Taal.
The church is actually a big one if it had not been destroyed by the volcanic eruption. Though you won’t find any pieces regarding its roofing, it surely was the favorite church of the families from a long time ago.
Old Taal Church: The 15th Century Ruins -


How to Get to the Old Taal Church Ruins

From Manila:

1. Ride a bus bound for Lemery. Drop off at the last stop.
2. Ride a jeepney bound for San Nicolas. Drop off at the Municipal Hall (or ask the driver if they will be passing by the old taal church)
3. Walk for a few meters and you’d see the Old Taal Church.


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