As the world remains at a standstill as a result of the virus pandemic, many people have been left in their homes wishing for safe travel once more. More than reuniting with friends and family, these circumstances have left travelers yearning to see more of the world and what it has to offer. 

With countries finally opening their borders to the rest of the world, it appears that approved travel will once more be at the horizon not just for essential personnel, but for most people throughout the world. When the time comes, relying on smartphone apps is something you can take comfort in. 

More than being a source of inspiration, people rely on their apps mainly to plan and sort out the logistics of their movement. Apart from being useful in booking and managing logistics, these programs also help with day-to-day concerns. Here are five apps you can check out once travel is approved. 



Hopper allows travelers to score the most affordable flights possible by monitoring destinations and dates of your choice and giving you real-time alerts and notifications on the best time to make that purchase. For quick and hassle-free booking, users may easily save their card details. 

Free to use on both Android and iOS devices, Hopper’s selling point lies in its ability to predict when airline prices and tickets are expected to go down thanks to its predictive algorithms and big data leverage. 

Through this technology, Hopper is able to provide findings with up to 95% up to one year in advance.


Sitata Travel Safe

Now is certainly not the time to get sick, especially when you are traveling around the globe. Sitata Travel Safe is one of the most-trusted apps because it provides a comprehensive view of the different conditions of the world by ranking its locations based on the risk factors of each area.

Apart from keeping tabs on any safety threats and violent protests in any given area, it also provides reports and notifications on possible disease outbreaks, making it a useful tool should approved travel be available anytime soon. 

Sitata also helps users avoid scams by providing a list of travel-related scams and activities experienced in certain places. It has vaccination and medical recommendations based on the area you’re traveling to. Sitata is available for download on the App Store and the Google Play Store.


A free packing list organizer and planner in one, PackPoint tells travelers what to pack depending on the place or country they’re going to. Besides location, it factors in the number of days you’ll be gone, the weather during your stay, and the activities you plan on doing. 


Moreover, PackPoint’s standout feature lies in its customization. Whether you’re traveling with a child, a group, or your colleagues, it takes it consideration the packing list everyone should have. Plus, this packing list can easily be shared with your group or fellow travelers


Creating itineraries and saving documents can be a challenge, but TripIt makes organization a breeze. By simply pressing a few keys, you can automatically program your reservations into the app, allowing you to gain access to travel confirmations, itineraries, and even tickets. 

More than storing your confirmations and other information, TripIt also makes it possible to share your itinerary and trip information with others in your group. This app is available on Android and iOS systems for free, with a premium version valued at $49 per year


Nothing spoils a trip like getting lost in traffic or worse, getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. With the Waze app, you can finally breeze through the streets unfazed and master directions – even if it is your first time. It boasts of excellent rerouting options as well as gas alerts. 

The beauty of this app is that it relies on real-time traffic information, giving you knowledge on possible accidents and other hazards present in the area. Plus, you can also use this if you decide to walk and explore cities on foot.

With these five mobile apps, you can stay protected and healthy once safe travel is approved by countries and governments around the world. To keep the dangers at bay and to be prepared at all times, make sure to download these apps today