Boracay Island is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands you’ll ever see in your life. Because of its grand beauty, many establishments have sprouted like mushrooms and with that, the tourism industry in Boracay booms and blooms. Before heading to this wonderful island, get to know these rules first.
With Boracay Island being named as one of the top beaches in the world, people (locals and foreign) are flocking together to visit and see the magnificent, alluring beauty that the island gives. From the best sunsets to the best activities, name it, Boracay has it all. And with that in mind, we give you the must-try activities if ever you’re heading to this prepossessing island!
Do note that we booked our tours and activities via Boracay Adventures Travel and Tours. You can contact them directly via their facebook page or thru their email.
Plan your Boracay getaway well to get the most out of this much-awaited vacation!

1. Discover Scuba Diving

One of the best things you could ever do on an island is to see the great underwater views of the water world. If you have an extra little budget, you can definitely get to see what is beneath the blue waters of Boracay Island. It is an hour of dive and you do not need to know how to swim very well as you will be taught how to do the very basic skills when scuba diving. Also, you will be assisted by certified and professional scuba divers to get you to the spots where you will find the most interesting water friends (like Nemo, a clownfish). This activity is definitely better than just Helmet Diving. activities in Boracay
For schedule and bookings for this activity, please check their website or click this link.

2. ATV Adventure Ride

Boracay is an island with great views and a huge land area. Hence, ATV (all-terrain vehicle) is also available for you to try. Here, you will be able to drive your own vehicle to get to the places in the itinerary. A track will be available as well plus you have your own guide so you won’t get lost.
Our ATV ride was truly awesome. We drove all the way from the first spot to Mt. Luho’s Ocean Tower and saw a 360° view the two sides of Boracay Island, the main beach and the back beach (Bulabog Beach). Take awesome pictures at Dreamland / Trick Art Museum. Lastly, after the ATV driving is a relaxing dip to Puka Shell Beach. activities in Boracay
For schedule and booking for this activity, please click on this link.

3. Island Hopping Tour

Of course, you are in an archipelago with many nearby islands and Boracay is not an exception. There are nearby islands that you need to see and so Island Hopping Tour is one of the great choices for you. We were provided with an Island Hopping Tour (Group Tour for 4 hours) with lunch.
With this tour, you’ll go snorkeling and see fishes’ sanctuary on your own. Get a chance to see other islands and get to experience them. After snorkeling, the next destination is the Puka Beach. Spend about 30 minutes to 1 hour marveling at the beauty of Puka Beach. Lunch will be served at a different place however, that is near Magic Island or Crystal Cove. activities in Boracay
After lunch, you’ll be headed to either Crystal Cove or Magic Island. On our experience, due to the rain showers we experienced, we only were able to get into Magic Island. Magic Island is a small private island that’s best for adrenaline rush seekers and daredevil travelers. It boasts a great cliff diving spot ranging from 3 meters to 10 meters high. As much as I want to jump at the 10 meters lever, I can’t. I sensed a small pain in my back after jumping at 7 meters height and I don’t want any further injuries.
For schedule and booking for this activity, please click on this link.
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4. Helmet Diving

Helmet Diving is one of the popular activities in Boracay. Not only you can see the underwater world up close, it is also cheap. In this activity, you will be wearing a helmet similar to an astronaut except that you will not be going to space but underwater. You will also be given a piece of food for the fishes so you can see them up close and personal. Don’t try to catch them because you’ll absolutely fail. This activity lasts for at least 15 to 20 minutes. activities in Boracay
For schedule and booking for this activity, please click on this link.

5. Banana Boat

Banana Boat is a pretty popular activity to do on the island of Boracay. Almost every agency and tours company in Boracay has this. 🙂 This boat means a lot of fun and excitement! Your Banana Boat will be driven at fast speeds by a speedboat, you try to hold on and try not to fall from the boat.
For schedule and booking for this activity, please click on this link.

6. Flyfish

Flyfish -
Flyfish is similar to Banana boat except that when the speedboat goes fast, you’ll go flying up in the air which entails more thrill and excitement than the banana boat. Try not to fall and try to hold on as the impact of getting fallen could be a little dangerous, thank God for the life vest.
For schedule and booking for this activity, please click on this link.

7. Parasailing

When you go to Boracay, you’ll see plenty of parachutes flying in the air. That’s because these people have availed of Parasailing, another popular activity on Boracay Island. Parasailing gives you an aerial view of the coast of Boracay and gets to enjoy the scenery it offers when you’re already up in the air. It’s an exciting yet fun activity to do with your friends and or your loved ones. activities in Boracay
For schedule and booking for this activity, please click on this link.



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