Traveling to find oneself: Love yourself and love will come along


There is one famous quote that says, ‘To travel is to take a journey into yourself’.

Many people like to travel with their loved ones or they travel to find the love of their life. Traveling should be done to find out who you really are. Once you know who you are, what are your real desires in the life; it is very easy to seek out love. If you know yourself, then only you can understand the people you love and people who love you.

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Who you really are

In this world, you always unnecessarily think about others’ opinion. You think about your own opinions and way of life very rarely. You live under the influences of people around you. You have lots of doubts, insecurities about life, and you are afraid of many things. You start living a bizarre life and become an illusory person. You do not get happiness and love by living such life, where you are not you. You forget your dreams.

It is really important to remain with who you are. Know who yourself is, and love will come along. Don’t look for love, it will come looking for you once you love yourself. Give yourself ample time to think about your own. Live it like you wanted to.

Traveling to find oneself -
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Which is your real disguise

When you decide to travel alone, this step shows that you have given more priority to yourself than the other things in life. It boosts your self-confidence. You get ready to face all difficulties on your own. Right from planning ’til you actually come back; you learn so many things that people find you as a different person. But in reality, you have lost all the fake masks which you were wearing before.

Traveling to find oneself -
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Search yourself on your own

During traveling you take all the decisions. You have a lot of time to think, to talk with none other but yourself. You ask questions and find answers too, which does not happen in day to day life. It might happen when you do a lot of new things. This helps in changing your perspectives and perceptions about things and mostly, the people in your life. If the trip consists of a few adventurous activities, then you realize the value of your life, you stop complaining about smaller things. You become more responsible with your self and decisions. And you start to appreciate and value the smaller things ever than before.

Traveling to find oneself -
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No Transformation but Amplification 

When you go out alone, you break the shackles and let go yourself completely. Generally, these trips get you closer to nature. You observe a lot, you start feeling things better than before ever. They say, “Nature is the mother of all if you go near her; she will show you the real path of the life.”


Boosted confidence, improved tolerance, increased patience, ability to adjust, amplified grasping power are the most common changes observed when you get back from a solo adventure.

When you come back you have already become more compassionate. You have learned to love yourself and others too. These things you better person and people notice these changes in you. They start liking you even more and it becomes very joyful to find all the love around you.

This whole article might give you an impression that traveling solo transforms you into a different person. It is not true. This article suggests that traveling alone not just helps to bring out your true nature. It simply winnows your inside and amplifies the projection of good qualities suppressed deep down inside.

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  1. I think there is no one right reason to travel. We have different motivations and sources of fulfillment. However, traveling does make one learn more about oneself. I am often surprised at what I can endure and tolerate when on the road. It teaches me about inner strength, openness, and resilience.

  2. Travel helps in rediscovering oneself. I haven’t traveled solo yet but when we travel with friends too we learn a lot.
    I have to experiment solo traveling some day.

  3. I don’t judge people for how they want to travel. Some of us really do travel to find love, some to get over a heartbreak, some for adventure, some to find oneself. Sa totoo lang, I don’t travel for love, although as you very well know, our friends want me to find love whenever I go. I think love cannot be forced, if it’s not meant for you to find someone, no amount of traveling can do that for you. So I agree, just travel at your own pace, discover the world, and let love find you (if it will), if it doesn’t, it’s okay.
    Baka pagalitan na naman tayo ni Madam Pot sa traveling to find yourself nyan hahahaha…

  4. Wow this is such an inspiring post. I’ve not traveled solo yet ,but I can relate to what you’ve said about nature. I absolutely love being among nature and I can completely be myself. I think I should try solo travel at least once.

  5. I agree with your post! Traveling helps you to rediscover yourself. A lot of things you’ll learn when you travel solo. It helps you to discover more of yourself and gives you more chances to meet strangers to know you. Nice blog!

  6. Waaaaah! I love reading this entry! It got me legit feels! Actually, I am constructing a blog on why broken-hearted people tend to travel. You gave me some insights and support statements on how to conceptualize my blog. And yeah, I also believe that love is the thing that makes the world go round. <3

  7. I love how you said that love will eventually come along if you first love yourself. I just love your inspiring words! They are just what I need while i also pursue my digital nomad journey. All the best, Jerny!


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