During my stay in Kuala Lumpur, I booked a 1-night stay at another hostel aside from Backpackers Travellers Inn and that’s Agosto Guesthouse.

Agosto Guesthouse -

I was actually planning to stay at three different hostels during my stay but I decided to book 2 nights with Backpackers Travellers Inn because I will be arriving in KL by midnight.

Agosto Guesthouse’s Location

Upon checking out from the other hostel, I immediately went to Agosto Guesthouse. It’s only a few blocks away from Chinatown and Pasar Seni which was good. Under the hostel was a 711 store that was open 24 hours a day. Please do note that the reception area was across the street. They are at a separate location. I got confused on that part because I wasn’t informed and the notice wasn’t really that noticeable.


The guesthouse’s location was also a few blocks away from Merdeka Square, KL City Gallery, KL Sentral Station and Chinatown. The quite famous Cafe – Lucy in the Sky, was just across and the street ready to serve your coffee cravings.

The Hostel and their Facilities

I booked a room without knowing if it’s gonna be a fan room or an air-conditioned room. I just booked for what’s the cheapest. Upon entry, cold breeze immediately welcomed me. Thank God, the facilities were air-conditioned! It was so hot in KL during that time. Exhausted from yesterday’s activities, I immediately placed my things on the bedside and took a quick nap.

Inside the room were two double sized mattresses, a mirror, and plenty of power outlets (note: Euro socket).


The room was actually good for two people but since I am traveling solo, I occupied both beds. The room was also good for you if you want privacy. Just don’t be too loud because the walls are only made of wood. The room I booked was located on the first floor after entrance and there are still other rooms on the upper floor.

They also have a common area but was only good for reading, making friends, and telling stories with other people. The common area doesn’t have television or a monitor for movie viewing, but the ambiance was homey and cozy.

The hostel has three shower rooms. I am just not sure if the hot and cold shower were not working at the time because I have to endure cold waters during my stay.

Their wifi service was also great with 5-10 Mbps in speed range during the time I was there.


The Verdict on Agosto Guesthouse

Agosto Guesthouse is great for backpackers. It’s a cool place to stay, gives a homey and cozy feeling. The beds were cute and smooth and the facility was fully air-conditioned. You won’t have to worry about fanning or having a hot feeling from the climate.

With internet speeds of 5-10 Mbps, you won’t have to worry about your online needs. The staff at the main office across the street are also tentative to assist you with your needs even during the night.

And lastly, as a backpacker, I have to commend their room rates. It’s affordable, the rooms are clean, and I’m sure you’d have a comfortable stay with Agosto Guesthouse. I saved a lot here during my stay.

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