If there are a couple of things that we’re very particular with when traveling, it’s our sticking to a budget and making sure that we get the best of what we can with the set price. During our last backpacking adventure (four countries in nine days!), we spent only ₱15,000+ [$300]. This included flights, accommodations, entrance fees, transportation fees, and everything else we needed to get from Thailand to Malaysia, to Singapore, and finally, to Indonesia. TRAVELOKA App Booking the Cheapest Flights
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During my solo trip to Malaysia, I spent P5,000 for everything from airfare to food and hotel accommodations. In fact, when it comes to flights, we make sure that we never spend more than P2,000 for round-trip tickets for two on domestic/local flights.

But how are we able to do that? To spend less and experience more?

To some, what we do may be referred to as “budget traveling”, we’d rather call it “smart traveling”.
We use all our resources to score the best accommodations, adventures, and flights at the lowest and best price possible. Traveling doesn’t always have to cost a fortune, with a little know-how, it can cost you much less!

Where do we find the cheapest flights?

Unsurprisingly, we get asked this a lot. A lot of people might think that we wait up late for seat sales or for promos, but we actually don’t. TRAVELOKA App Booking the Cheapest Flights
Ever since we’ve discovered hotel and flight booking app, Traveloka, booking our adventures have become easier and more convenient.
The Traveloka App has a couple of features that help us book the best flight possible.
With Cheap Price Finder, we get to see the prices of all flights in calendar view – this helps us pick out the best date for our trip. All you have to do is enter your destination of choice and the fares with the lowest prices will stand out in green.

TRAVELOKA APP: Booking the Cheapest Flights Possible with Confidence -
Cheap Price Finder – Traveloka App

On the other hand, you can use Price Alerts. It sends you a notification when your desired destination and date falls within your specified budget. Awesome and easy, ain’t it? (Take note that this is exclusive to registered app users!)
TRAVELOKA APP: Booking the Cheapest Flights Possible with Confidence -
Price Alerts – Traveloka App

Suffice to say, long gone are the days when we’d have to go through multiple airline websites looking for the best flight. TRAVELOKA App Booking the Cheapest Flights
All we have to do is open Traveloka and we get to see flight prices from their various airline partners all in one go! You can book an AirAsia flight with Traveloka for one way, and then book another airline for your return flight.
And speaking of prices, with Traveloka, what you see is what you get! Meaning, the price you see on the first page is the same price you’ll see on the payment page – no extra fees! No added charges!


How is it more convenient with Traveloka App?

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To add to Traveloka being convenient when it comes to paying – if you don’t have a credit card, then don’t worry! You won’t need to borrow your relative or friend’s card, as Traveloka has several online and over-the-counter payment options. You can pay via BPI or BDO online, at 7-eleven, Cebuana Lhuillier, and more.
If, at any time, you need help with your booking – then rest easy knowing that their local customer support system is easily reached 24/7. I, personally, have called their customer support and they have great service. You can even reach them thru FB, email, and live chat. I just prefer to have them on the phone as I feel it is faster. TRAVELOKA App Booking the Cheapest Flights
You may also message them via MyInbox in the app making it more convenient for users to reach them when an issue arises.

TRAVELOKA APP: Booking the Cheapest Flights Possible with Confidence -
MyInbox – Traveloka App

It’s crazy, I know! But Traveloka is definitely one of the best flight and hotel booking apps out there. Not only is it quick and easy-to-use, but it’s super convenient too!
They say “Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” – and that’s totally true when you travel smart with Traveloka.

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TRAVELOKA App Booking the Cheapest Flights