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Traveling is always a fun time, regardless of what you’re doing. You could be traveling for a vacation or undergoing a more serious task such as searching for St. Albert real estate.
Regardless of what you’re doing, there’s plenty of opportunities to get out and experience new sights and sounds. However, as fun traveling is, when you’re traveling, it’s very easy to forsake healthy habits like routinely exercising.
Daily exercise is an extremely important part of a healthy lifestyle, and it is not recommended to just ignore exercise altogether while you’re traveling. Thankfully, there are plenty of great ways to stay active and fit while traveling, making staying fit on the go extremely easy. So if you’re looking to stay active while on the go, what should you be looking to do? Here are five exercises you can do while traveling.


One of the easiest ways of exercising while you’re on vacation is going on a quick walk or jog. Walking and jogging are both fantastic forms of cardio and don’t require any equipment at all. In addition, you can walk or jog just about anywhere in the world, as all you need is some space.
Even if there somehow isn’t any open space where you’re staying, you could always use something like a treadmill to get your miles in. Doing cardio has a variety of benefits, ranging from helping with weight loss to improving heart health. Walking and jogging are some of the most effective and accessible forms of cardio, so they’re definitely activities you should consider doing while on vacation. 


Another easy exercise that you can do while on vacation is squats. Squats are a fantastic exercise if you’re looking to work out your lower body, especially if you want to work out your quads and glutes. Your lower body is extremely important to your health and fitness, and squats can be a great way to keep it in shape. Many people neglect working out their lower body since the results aren’t always as apparent, but you should work out your entire body evenly.
Squats are also extremely easy to pull off, as you can do body squats with no equipment at all and at any location. However, if you have the luxury of having equipment or a gym while on vacation, you can also add weight bars, free weights, or bands to make your workout harder and more effective. If you want to work out your lower body while you’re traveling, doing variations of squats may be your best bet. 



An extremely common exercise that just about everyone has done before is push-ups. Push-ups are an extremely common exercise because they can do a lot to get you in shape and require no equipment at all. Yes, adding weight to your back can make for a more challenging and effective workout, but one can have an amazing upper body workout just from doing various push-up variations.
One can alternate between standard push-ups, raised push-ups, wide push-ups, and diamond push-ups, working different portions of your upper body effectively. Even if you’re not in that great shape and can’t really do a normal push-up, there are plenty of ways to alter your form to make the activity slightly more accessible. If you’re looking for a great upper body workout while traveling, incorporating a push-up workout can be a fantastic option. 

Crunches/Sit Ups

A very common workout you can do while traveling is situps and crunches. These exercises are extremely similar, and both can be a fantastic way of working your core and abdominal muscles. They also require no equipment at all to pull off, however holding weights or plates can increase difficulty and effectiveness.
Working your core is extremely important, as it can lead to improved balance and stability. In addition, you want to make sure that you’re paying attention to all areas of your body when working out. If you have dreams of getting six-pack abs and a killer core, why let up on your training while traveling


One of the more relaxing forms of exercise you can do while traveling is yoga. Yoga combines breath control, meditation, and various exercises into a very beneficial form of physical activity.
Not only does yoga allow you to stay active, but the various positions can also have other physical benefits such as improving posture and flexibility. In addition, the controlled breathing and meditation of yoga can go a long way in relaxing you and helping you to avoid the stresses that can come with traveling.
Lastly, you don’t need much equipment to do yoga, as all you need is a mat and some open space. While yoga may not be as intense as some other forms of exercise on this list, it can be a fantastic exercise to do while traveling.