This was my itinerary for my solo travel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

→ Solo Travel
→ Birthday Travel
→ with pasalubong
→ Flight ticket for only 1300+ RT (with tax)
→ All for 5000 pesos (less than RM 500)

Malaysia Itinerary -

A birthday trip for myself. My quarter-life was celebrated in this country. Solo, no company, own expense. But hell yeah, I owned it! This was my second time being out of the country. I have been to Japan with my friends last December and created a few articles about that and even listed my itinerary. So now, in this article, I am gonna show you how my birthday trip to Malaysia went.

No further elaboration on details for now as it will be stated in the upcoming articles about my Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia trip. I will be showing you where I have been, how much did I spend and how to go places.


On the Airport Counters

After checking in at the check-in counter, I immediately went to the Immigration counter in NAIA Terminal 3. It was my first solo trip and I was pretty confident that this trip will be awesome and that I will not encounter many issues along the way. There were many itineraries posted on the internet and I also found this two-week Malaysia guide which helped me in finding places.

I bid goodbye to my girlfriend who was with me at the airport before I left The Philippines. She was a little hesitant, of course, because it was our monthsary and the day after, was my birthday. She wanted to come with me but weren’t able to book a ticket for her. I told her, my next international travels will be with her by then.

Approaching the immigration officer, he just looked at me and asked for my documents. I immediately and calmly handed them. He might have seen my old passport on the folder so he asked if I have one. I handed it over, he then asked who I was with last year in Japan and what’s my purpose of visiting the country. I told him what he needs to know and after a little talk, he gave permission to me to pass through the counter and head to the terminal gate. It was a relief!

I sat at the boarding area and checked other blogs or websites with a travel guide to Malaysia for me to look out for more interesting places. I was looking forward to day trips and exploring the main city as I will be there for 3 days max and also checking if I could go to somewhere with nature near the city.


Now, at the terminal gate, I and other passengers waited for more than 2 hours. We were asked to transfer to several gates (I think that was 3x) due to a reason I already forgot, the flight was delayed for at least an hour. Boarding was easy. I was too excited to enter the plane. I was already inside it that I even forgot my bag at the boarding area! Stupid, LOL! So I went back to the boarding area to get my bag.

After 3 hours and a half, we have landed in Malaysia And so, my journey started! Below was where I have been on the 17th to the 20th of March. Check it out! Oh! I almost forgot, I only spent less than 5000 Php (RM 400+) on this trip of mine! Awesome, ain’t it?!


Visa on arrival in Malaysia. It’s one of the visa-free countries a Philippine passport can enter.

Malaysia Itinerary -
Petronas Towers


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Malaysia Itinerary - - 003

Malaysia Itinerary - - 003

I have already forgotten about the other details like how much it was from point A to point B. I wrote it on my phone’s notes but unfortunately, my phone was broken when we went to Cebu, drowned by sea water.

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Things to Note

Please do note that this Kuala Lumpur itinerary was more on walking (just like what we did in Japan) because you would get to appreciate the place more if you did walking to go places. One way to remember the place, establishments and going around is to walk. If you do not have enough stamina, please use the Go KL buses. Two days in the itinerary of my trip expenses were saved by these government funded buses.

GO KL Bus is a government project to promote tourism in the land and it offers free rides to everyone even tourists and locals.

Note that the travel tax is not included because it is a required payment in the airport prior to leaving the country. It’s a fixed payment, hence, it couldn’t be included in the total expense for this itinerary.

Food, however, was covered and included in this 5000 peso challenge. Another tip, I brought some food prior to leaving the Philippines and that helped big time in making this challenge possible. I assure you I never felt any hunger in Malaysia.

Malaysia Itinerary -
Batu Caves

A separate feature will be placed on each of the places of where I had been, so stay tuned!

You might also be wondering how I got my flight ticket and why it was cheap. It was a promo from AirAsia, the 0.01 sale! The ticket was booked long months before the actual flight date, that is why it was so cheap and I am just lucky enough to find a seat suited for my birthday!

All those places in the Kuala Lumpur city and a visit to Kanching Falls for not more than 5000 pesos! Go visit KL now!

Where to stay in Kuala Lumpur?

I would personally recommend the hostels or guesthouses where I stayed. Backpackers Travellers Inn and Agosto Guesthouse which were booked via Agoda.

But you may also check on other options here via 

Review: Backpackers Travellers Inn
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