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11. Shell Beach in Western Australia

According to Edit Zsido of Edit Around the World
When we talk about beaches we automatically think of sand because obviously, that’s what beach means, right? Not in this case though. Only one of two in the world, Western Australia’s Shell Beach is indeed entirely covered of shells. A unique beach located on the stunning west coast of Down Under, 45 km from the town of Denham, the attraction is famous for it’s outstanding-ness and is visited by thousands of tourists that travel in the area. Best Beaches in the World
The beach is covered by shells on a 60 km stretch and a 7 m depth.
The whole area, which is popular also for sharks, hence the name of Shark Bay, is a world heritage site, having various other unusual attractions.

12. South Beach in Miami, Florida

According to Talek Nantes of Travels with Talek
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What I like best about South Beach, the southernmost point on Miami Beach in south Florida, is that it offers a spectacular, uncrowded beach with golden san and crystal-clear waters, AND tons of everything else.
The beach is fronted by Ocean Drive, ground zero for the art deco architecture the area is so famous for.  This is the heart of the art-deco district, most famous and recognized for its neon-infused night-life. But the early morning sunlight reflecting on the art-deco buildings makes for a pretty awesome sight too. Here you will also pass Gianni Versace’s former villa, just one of the beautiful buildings you see on South Beach.
The area also boasts museums, parks, a multitude of dining options from the classic Joe’s Stone Crab to ethnic take-out heavens with steaming pots of fragrant foods.
There is something for everyone on South Beach. A mini wonderland of all things fun anchored by one of the prettiest beaches in the U.S.    Best Beaches in the World


13. Xpu-Ha Beach, Quintana Roo, Mexico

According to Michele Peterson of A Taste for Travel 
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One of my all-time favorite beaches in the world is XPU-Ha Beach, located south of Playa del Carmen, Mexico just off Highway 307 on the way to Tulum.  Although the name of this secluded beach might be hard to pronounce, it’s easy to fall in love with its clear blue water, powder soft white sand, and peaceful atmosphere. If you can imagine what Cancun might have been like before developed as a mega-resort destination, then this is it.
But for me, what makes this beach extra special is that while its beauty is still in a natural state, it does offer amenities such as the XPU-Ha Beach Club with washroom facilities, hammocks, loungers, and palapa umbrellas. There’s also a restaurant serving chilled beer and light meals such as grilled fish and ceviche. Weekends, you might even enjoy live music. Best Beaches in the World
While some people might object to the admission fee (refundable with food purchase) I appreciate that at least part of the proceeds goes towards collecting rubbish and preserving the ecological integrity of the beach and local environment. However, if you don’t want to use the beach club, it’s also entirely possible to bring your own cooler, chair, and umbrellas, set up on the sand for the day and soak up the Caribbean atmosphere of swimming, sunning and long walks on the beach. A day at the beach doesn’t get any better than this!

14. Kiama Beach in Australia

According to Priyadarshini Rajendran from Glorious Sunrise
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Kiama is a charming coastal town very close to Sydney in New South Wales. It is about a 3-hour train ride towards the south of the city. This train takes you through other gorgeous beaches along the way including the famous Wollongong beach. As soon as you set foot in Kiama, you would be mesmerized by the blue skies here against dark green pine trees around. The short walk to Kiama beach leaves you at the edge of deep blue waters which transfixes you to the spot. The waves are choppy and high and you can spend at least an hour watching them majestically lap on the rocky shore.
Walk a bit further and you can see the impressive Kiama lighthouse rising into the sky. Next attraction is the Kiama blowhole where you find a bit of a crowd on the otherwise deserted beach area. You can take the half-day walk from Kiama to Minnamura river to enjoy fantastic natural beauty along the way. Do not forget to stop at Cathedral rocks to enjoy a glorious sunset.

15. Koh Mook in Thailand

According to Per Brogevik of Resrutt – The Travel Blog
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adventures via Instagram: @resrutt
In the southern parts of Thailand, you can find the small island, Koh Mook. You need to take a speedboat from one of the nearby piers on the mainland, but it’ll only take about 20 minutes and is well worth the trip. There are also other amazing islands close to Koh Mook, so island hopping in this area is well recommended.
On the island, there are several good beaches. The favorite one is the beach situated right on the eastern end of the island, close to the Sivalai Beach Resort. It has been nominated to one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand several times and is a place to put on your bucket list.
The waters are turquoise and absolutely crystal clear. You can go snorkeling right off the beach and there are several good restaurants within reach. Even so, there are no crowds of tourists here which is very nice.

16. Cresta de Gallo in Romblon, Philippines

According to Karla Ramos of Karla Around the World
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The Philippines is known to have 7107 islands and truly it’s hard to choose just one that stands out but for me one of my favorites is Cresta de Gallo in RomblonBest Beaches in the World
Although it may be difficult to get here, that’s exactly one of the reasons it stands out. The water is pristine and clear blue and it is not tarnished by tourist or commercial accommodation. The area feels very local and everything is just clean.   I would love to spend weeks here but then the only accommodation they have is a local homestay, but then again, that makes living in an island even more worthwhile right?  check it out, I literally found myself constantly in awe by just being there.

17. Kaikoura Beach in New Zealand

According to Leanne Scott of The Globetrotter GP
One of the most beautiful beaches I’ve encountered on my travels was Kaikoura beach which I came across whilst on a New Zealand road trip. Whilst it may not be a sandy beach (it’s mostly shingle) where you would be inclined to sunbathe, it is incredibly pretty, in part due to the snow-capped mountains rising beyond the beach.

Kaikoura is a brilliant place to enjoy the local wildlife. One of the most popular things to do is to go whale watching – we saw so many whales on my trip, breaching and putting on a show for us. There are also opportunities to see dolphins and even swim with them. It’s also possible to go swimming with playful seals.
It’s also worth taking a stroll along the beach and you are very likely to come across a seal colony. Just be aware they can be a bit stinky! Also, don’t get too close, they may look cute but they are still wild animals!
Kaikoura can be reached easily on a day trip from Christchurch and should be a must-see on any New Zealand South Island itinerary!

18. Arcipelago della Maddalena, Italy

According to Greta Omoboni of Gretas Travels
The Archipelago of Maddalena in Sardinia, Italy, is in my opinion one of the best beach destinations in the world. While the whole of Sardinia has beautiful beaches, the islands of the Archipelago of Maddalena are blessed with particularly clear turquoise water and fine white sand beaches.

One of the particularities of these beaches are all the different shades of blue and turquoise that you can admire as you sail around the islands, due to the different depths of the seabed and presence of algae or rocks underwater. The best beaches and spot of the Archipelago of Maddalena are the “Natural Pools”, an area enclosed between the islands of Budelli, Spargi and Razzoli where the water is always calm, creating a pool-like effect. Best Beaches in the World
Dotted all along the coast of the islands are numerous beautiful beaches, my personal favourites are Cala Soraja and Cala Corsara, since they have the clearest water and are usually less busy than the bigger beaches. The beaches of the Archipelago of Maddalena can easily match in beauty the most famous beaches in the Maldives, Fiji or Bora Bora, with the added benefit of being a short flight away from most European cities.

19. Noonu Beach in Maldives

According to Sara of OurKindofCrazy Blog
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Beach vacations are always the best type of vacations. Beaches are very relaxing, you get some sun, and hopefully, the water is nice enough to go in. One of our favorite beaches was found in the Maldives. We stayed at a resort island Noonu, at Robinson Club Noonu and enjoyed the beach around the whole island. The sand is very fine and soft, and the waters are crystal clear with the most beautiful blue colors. Our favorite part about Noonu, was that you could see straight through the water, so we saw a ton of sea life just by sitting on the beach or walking on the pier.
We spent so much time in the water while snorkeling and checking out all the sea life around the island. On top of it being a fabulous beach, you have a pool right next to the beach, as well as a bar and lots of couches and lounge furniture to relax and enjoy the views. It’s really hard to beat a beach in the beautiful Maldives!

20. Reynisfjara, Iceland

According to Julianna Barnaby of The Discoveries Of
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Reynisfjara (nicknamed Vik Beach) on the south coast of Iceland often pops up on lists of the best beaches in the world and it’s no surprise.

Mile after mile of black sand beach, ending with a section framed by stark cliffs of black basalt columns looking out to a cluster of black volcanic rocks in the sea – it’s a sight to behold.

Iceland has no shortage of black sand beaches thanks to the volcanic rocks that dominate the island’s geology but Reynisfjara still stands out because of the spectacular cliffs.

If that’s not reason enough to go, Reynisfjara also makes an appearance in Game of Thrones as the Eastwatch and a few destinations north of the wall. Best Beaches in the World

It’s definitely my favorite beach simply because it’s so striking and unfamiliar. You won’t be doing any sunbathing (the weather isn’t ever really warm enough in Iceland) but with views like these, who cares?

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