In any given working environment, there needs to be inspired from time to time to keep workers on their toes. These inspirations differ from what’s going on and in most scenarios are words of affirmation. These can be words to just psych up the workers to do better. 

Other times, you can use words to encourage collaboration among other things. This is where quotes can and should come in handy. The quotes can come from any time in life and they should be timed to perfection.

So, what are the quotes that you can use to inspire great teamwork in the workplace? Here, you can discover five of the best quotes that can be implemented to great effect in the workplace. You can also find out what these inspirational quotes mean, in detail if you read on.

Discover These Great Teamwork Quotes for the Workplace
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“It’s Literally True That You Can Succeed Best and Quickest By Helping Others to Succeed”

The first quote is from Napoleon Hill and can be a huge motivating factor when you have in house competition. While a little team competition is good to push each other, sometimes it can turn out to be unhealthy.

You can only assure them that they can succeed when they hold each other hands. When one of the members of the team is in trouble, the other should be comfortable helping. 

This is the only way that everyone is bound to gain and succeed at the end of the day as it is quicker when you hold each other.


“Individually, We’re One Drop. Together, We Are an Ocean.” 

When Ryunosuke Satoro said the words, it must have been through a team’s challenging time. It’s almost as clear as you can put it. Have a look at an ocean and you get the whole concept of the quote.

Take a moment and think about it, a drop of water can’t achieve much on its own. Bu,t what about an ocean? An ocean can cause immeasurable damage when it is released to the world.

Imagine giving that as part of the inspiration when you are looking for a team to work together. They can easily relate as this is part of life and they see exactly how much they can achieve when they come together.

“Success Is Better When It’s Shared” 

They need to understand that gloating can only go too far, especially when you are in the team. For example, a team sport can have a star player but without the other players, there is no success.


When the star player, for example, is an attacker, there need to be people behind to help with the defensive part of the game. It is also fun when you celebrate the wins with colleagues than when you are celebratory mood while others around aren’t.

As part of getting a team to work together, you need to let them see clearly how worth it, the idea of winning as a team is.

“It Takes Two Flints to Make a Fire”

These famous words were spoken by Louisa May Alcott and can be used to tap into that inner drive workers don’t want to look at. The quote is inspirational in part because you look at it from a literal perspective.

Can one flint make a fire? That in essence means that one person trying to do it all alone is quite impossible. They should look at themselves as a part of that work together to create that fire to drive the organization.

“No One Can Whistle a Symphony. It Takes a Whole Orchestra to Play It.”

Discover These Great Teamwork Quotes for the Workplace
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Like the other quotes in this list, this one too should be taken literally as it can bode well with anyone. Plus, it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.

You, individually, as much as you can be one of the top musical genii to ever live, you can’t whistle a symphony. They need to work together to achieve the best result or else they’ll just end up being “noisy” for no particular reason.


Great inspiration doesn’t have to come from an original idea in most cases. You can use quotes from anyone who your workers can relate to. The quote has to be something that is easy to grasp. These are a few quotes that you can use to inspire teamwork in the workplace.