While booking flights ahead of time can definitely have its perks, it can also lead to a headache if you go the cheaper route and purchase nonrefundable tickets. This is because, sometimes, there are circumstances that will require you to postpone your trip. If you do not want to waste the money you used to pay for the ticket, then you will need to attempt to get a refund on flights you just booked.

Buying a plane ticket ahead of time can be very convenient. This lets you rest your mind after planning a trip, knowing that you do not have to worry about your flight anymore. This also gives you more options should your preferred schedule become unavailable. But if there is an issue and you need to change or, postpone your flight, then you need to at least get a refund.

Now, getting a refund can be tricky, especially as you have a nonrefundable ticket. However, you will be glad to know that there are things you can try in order to get a refund on your flights. Check out the list below.



Have Your Case Reviewed By The Airline

As much as these companies like to remind their clients that they strictly do not give refunds for nonrefundable tickets, you should know that some airlines may be willing to do so if you are able to negotiate your case. Remember, they conduct refund requests on a case-by-case basis. So, if you are not able to fly on the flight you booked due to sickness, you need to get the right documents to present to an airline representative.

However, see to it that you make your appeal using not only the right documents but also the right words and disposition. These representatives usually face customers who talk to them in an accusative manner. Get on their more favorable side by being pleasant and gracious. Should your first attempt fail, be persistent by following up on your request.

See If The Airline Cancelled Or Changed The Flight

When the refund request is the fault of the customer, you can get worked up worrying about wasting money on the ticket. On the other hand, if the airline is the one responsible for the cancellation or even a significant delay, remember that they owe you a refund. Just like in other cases, make sure to persistently contact the airline to explain your case.


Get Travel Insurance

As mentioned, buying a nonrefundable ticket is always risky. However, you can minimize the occurrence of unfavorable situations by getting travel insurance. Just make sure to clarify the coverage when it comes to canceled flights.

These insurers usually have insider knowledge, giving them an advantage when it comes to appealing for refunds. Moreover, these companies often have entire departments that handle such cases. The same is true for travel agencies. By doing this, you know that someone has your back should any unexpected incidents occur.

Cancel Within The Free-Cancellation Period

Keep in mind that airlines have policies that you can take advantage of and one of these is the 24-hour rule. Most companies have this rule in place, especially if you are flying to local destinations. This basically lets you cancel your booking within 24 hours of buying the tickets.

However, when canceling within the free-cancellation period, keep in mind that the company will try to offer reimbursements in the form of flight credits. What you need to know is that you can insist on getting a refund by mentioning the 24-hour rule.


The Bottom Line

Flight tickets alone can be costly and nobody needs the added expense of buying a new ticket in case of emergency. With these tips, you can try to get a refund for your tickets, allowing you to avoid such additional costs. Hopefully, these tips save you some money for future travels!