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61. Inch Beach, County Kerry, Ireland

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Despite being an island literally surrounded by beaches, Ireland is not the first place that most people think of when you ask about beaches. We’re here, though, to raise our hand and salute Ireland’s Inch Beach, on the south side of the Dingle Peninsula, as our favorite place for an Irish beach break!


 Being right on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, you might expect to pound surf and tall cliffs. Instead, Inch Beach is as stunning as any Irish landscape, with the added benefit of a long strand of glistening sand and gentle waves.

We love that you can join local picnickers and paddle-boarders, fishermen and families enjoying the cool Atlantic. It’s a great beach for beginner surfers, too; surf schools offer lessons and rental gear for much of the year. If you’re fine just watching, there’s a restaurant with great views the strand. As a bonus, the beach faces west for beautiful Irish sunsets! If you get smitten as we did, you can stay just up the hill at The Strand hotel, then wake up for a sunrise stroll on Inch Beach.

Another great thing is that Inch Beach is a Blue Flag beach. That means there must be clean drinking water and toilet facilities, and the beach must be kept clean. More importantly, lifeguards are on duty from June through September. best beaches in the world


From here on, whenever Ireland comes to mind, don’t think just of the many shades of emerald. Some of her brightest gems are beaches, including lovely Inch Beach on the Wild Atlantic Way.

62. Diamond Beach in Iceland

According to Ania of The Travelling Twins
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Have you ever noticed that diamonds look best under a bright light on a black cushion?  In old movies, they called diamonds “ïce”. On this beach, the diamonds are ice, the light is the Arctic sky, and the cushion is black volcanic basalt. best beaches in the world

The Diamond Beach is not for sunbathing or sandcastles.  It is definitely not for swimming. But you must see it because it is like no other.


Each gemstone on the beach is a chunk of crystal-clear ice, thousands of years old, and weighing a ton or more.  It has broken off the face of the largest glacier in Europe. It has floated across the Jökulsárlón lagoon in the company of seals and seabirds and then out into the North Atlantic.  Polished and sculpted by the roaring freezing surf, it has been cast up again onto the sparkling black shore. Each crystal is unique, and tomorrow it will be gone – replaced by others.

The sun is always low in Iceland, so sunrise and sunset skies may last all day.  The light in these diamonds can be a spectrum like Disney unicorns, but the sea is grey and violent. Don’t let it catch you as you pose for selfies against this bucket-list backdrop. best beaches in the world

The Diamond beach is on the main south coast road, five hours east of Reykjavik.  There is a carpark very close. Access is free.

63. Waikiki Beach in Hawaii

According to Roxanna Keyes of Gypsy With Day Job


Waikiki Beach, on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, has become one of the most widely known beaches in the world, attracting untold millions of visitors each year.  Although significant portions are man-made, even beach-lovers would never know. The long strip of golden sand running between Honolulu and the Pacific Ocean appears to be exactly where nature intended.

What outsiders refer to as Waikiki Beach is actually known to locals as 8 distinct beaches.  Although they run together, each has its own distinct vibe and appeal. There are areas of calm waters, and others with choppy surf.  Some sections have adjacent grassy stretches, others a boardwalk, and yet others small stone walls that are ideal to sit and watch the waves. best beaches in the world

But what makes Waikiki stand out in a world of beautiful beaches is the variety and abundance of trees, from the palms to banyans and ficus. Not only does the greenery add brilliant contrast to the sand and sea, but it provides almost as much shady area as it is sunny.  When the tropical sun is at its hottest, there are stunning shady areas to relax without retreating indoors.

64. Mughsail Beach in Oman

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If you’re surprised to see Oman in the list of best beaches so you’re not alone! Not many people know this but Oman is home to a long stretch of a 3000km coastline. There are many unexplored pristine beaches in Oman but the Mughsail beach in the southern city of Salalah is the most popular and the most visited beaches in Oman. Situated near to the border of Yemen, there are several factors that make it the best beach in Oman. best beaches in the world

The Mughsail beach is along a limestone cave called the Marneef Cave, which is believed to be formed years ago due to the soil erosion from the sea. Another reason that makes Mughsail the perfect beach to visit is the natural blowholes at the beach. During high tides when the water crushed with the limestone cliffs, it comes out from the blowholes with great force making them look like a fountain. So, not only the Mughsail beach an ideal place to swim and spend a great afternoon, the cave and the blowholes make the beach more worthy of visiting.

65. Praia do Porto da Barra, Brazil

According to Daniel James of Layer Culture
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If you know anything about travel in Brazil you’ll be familiar with the huge amount of beaches. After traveling to many places in Brazil in search of the best beaches, Praia do Porto da Barra in Salvador, has been the one with the most pleasant surroundings. best beaches in the world
The beach vendors are super friendly and attentive, they make sure you’ve got everything you need. They’ll make you a tasty Caiprihina whenever you like, or even just a juicy coconut if you want to refresh your taste buds. If you are alone they will watch your belongings which I thought was a nice touch.
If you don’t know the best time to visit Brazil or where to start, the beach here in Salvador will not disappoint you. I recommend coming in the afternoon when the sun has cooled down a little and to enjoy the sunset – which is absolutely gorgeous here.

66. Banul Beach, Coron, Philippines

According to Cat Smith of Walk My World
One of our favouritebeaches in the world may just be one of the smallest we’ve ever visited. However, what Banul Beach lacks in size, it makes up for in spectacular scenery. Tucked away in a corner of the stunning Coron Island in the Philippines, Banul Beach is pure paradise. 
This tiny beach has dazzlingly white sand that is so fine that it feels like powder when you touch it. The crystal-clear water is calm and perfect for swimming, and the dramatic limestone cliff backdrop gives the beach a wild feel.  best beaches in the world
It’s one of those places where you have to pinch yourself to believe that it’s real. What makes it even more special is that as long as you arrive before the tour groups turn up for lunch, you will have one of the best beaches in the world all to yourself. There are few beaches this beautiful where you can say that!

67. Bang Bao Beach in Koh Kood Island, Thailand

According to Jeanne Malherbe of Learning to Breathe Abroad
The island of Koh Kood (also spelled as Koh Kut) is one of Thailand’s best-kept secrets. The Western side of the island has one glorious beach after another, but the crowning glory has to be Bang Bao. Situated midway down the West coast, this postcard-perfect bay will mesmerize you with its dazzling white sand and crystal clear water. best beaches in the world
The two headlands at the mouth of the horseshoe bay, protect the beach from wind, so you’ll find some of the calmest waters in Thailand here. best beaches in the world
There are numerous resorts dotted around the bay, each with their own wooden jetty stretching out into the sparkling water. Perfect for jumping into the enticing turquoise waters!
There are a couple of great restaurants and a mini-mart for supplies. If the relaxing environment isn’t enough to get you to unwind, then the Thai massage parlor in the center of the bay should be able to ease your stress. There is also a dive shop for those wanting to explore at greater depths.

68. Bamboo Beach, Thailand

According to Pari Alva of Traveling Pari
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In my opinion, Thailand has a high concentration of some of the best beaches in the world. It would be difficult to pick just one. Typically, one would say Maya Bay is the best. However, on my visit, I never got to see the famed Maya Bay because it was closed to tourists in order to save the coral life.
Now that Maya Bay is inaccessible,  if I had to pick, I would say Bamboo Beach is the best. Just look at the photo and I’m sure you already agree with me… the white sandy beach, the limestone cliffs, and the brilliant blue water make this beach jaw-droppingly gorgeous. best beaches in the world
If you are visiting the southern part of Thailand, I would recommend this beach as one of the best things to do in Krabi or Phuket. The beach is on a separate island called Bamboo Island located between Krabi and Phuket. So, you can easily hire a long-tail boat or speed boat from either place to get there.

69. Inaladelan, Port Barton, Palawan, Philippines

According to Ferna Mae Fernandez of Everywhere With Ferna
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Inaladelan is a favorite beach that I have visited. It is one of the beaches in Port Barton, Palawan located in an Island formerly known by the locals as “German Island”. Today, its name is changed German to Inaladelan Island, now privately owned that has a 12 hectares in size. It’s crystal clear color of the water, the different forms of the corals, abundant presence of sea creatures like the turtles and fish, plus the very fine white-sand beach are among the reasons why this stands out among all those that I visited.
Apart from being such, this place is secluded, unpopulated, and really solemn making it perfect for relaxation and rest. Experiencing a Filipino setting is best presented from this beach, having a bamboo hammock, beach huts, swings, coconut trees standing still, Filipino cuisines offered and a very fresh air breezing through. Other things to do are diving, snorkeling, and camping which the site has a limited source of electric power at night. And above all, having time to sunbath is just a spectacular thing for me to do here.

70. St Tropez Beach in France

According to Priyanko Sarkar of Constant Traveller

What do you get when you cross an old fishing hamlet into an exotic playground of the rich and famous that is known to almost everyone? St Tropez of course. That alone is a compelling enough reason to make the journey to St Tropez on the French Riviera. After all, who doesn’t want to live like royalty for a few days?

If you’re lucky to book in advance and rich enough to cough up the high prices, make sure you stay near the Old City port. Once you explore the port side of town, make way to the actual beachside that’s about 8-10 kilometers from St Tropez. Public transport is laughable in the area but there are rentals on offer. The beachfront stretches unbroken for a good five kilometers and is divided into several parts. Nikki Beach, Pampelonne Beach and the most famous one, Tahiti Beach that was popularised by Brigitte Bardot in And God Created Woman are the most famous ones. That movie, in fact, is the single reason for St Tropez turning into a glam destination so make sure you stop by here.

Take care of beach etiquette though. For example, nudism is a way of life around Pampelonne Beach and you will be met with stern glares and rude comments if you walk with clothes on and gawk at those sunbathing. Along other beaches, you can take part in water activities like windsurfing while others are family-friendly. Choose your beach with care and then spend as much time as you can in one of the best and most famous place on the planet. best beaches in the world

For such a high-profile destination, it’s curious to know that St Tropez has no railway station or even an airport. There are fixed schedule buses from St Raphael, the closest railhead about 40 kms from St Tropez. If you’re using public transport, be sure to plan your entry and exit from here accordingly.

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