Experience nature and wildlife once again in Tagaytay, only one and a half hour away from Manila.
Tagaytay is the second summer capital after Baguio. No wonder why tourists are flocking in this area in Cavite not only during summer but also on the cold season. There are plenty of things you can do in Tagaytay including strolling in various parks, eat the best dishes and delis in the vicinity through local restaurants, catch a great view of the Taal Lake in any overlooking areas around town, or experience wildlife in the zoo or farms – Paradizoo and ZooRI.

ZooRI: Zoo at Residence Inn

ZooRI is the wildlife park of Residence Inn with many different animals in captivity. From mammals to insects, ZooRI offers a different kind of view to children and adults. A few of which includes Serpentarium – where snakes, boas, and other cold-blooded animals could be viewed from a glass cage. Eagles Ridge – where you can learn about eagles and their behaviors. Zoo Ground – where you can get a closer look at farm animals and wild animals including lions, tigers, monkeys, camels, goats, and miniature horses. Aviary  where you can get a close encounter and a chance to feed them at your own hands.

There also is a gazebo where you can get a great view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano while enjoying a cup of coffee or eating your meals.
ZooRI at Residence Inn -

Plenty of activities could also be enjoyed while in ZooRI. You may opt to do the following for a fee:
Zip Line (Superman) – P150 each
Cable Car – P150 each
Animal Food Basket – P20 each
Horseback Riding – P50 each
Bird Thrill Feeding – P10 each
Zing Ride (for kids) – P50 each
Bicycle Ride (30 mins) – P70
Side Car (30 mins) – P100
Photo with Tiger:  1-2 person P240 (4R picture size); 3-4 person P390 (6R picture size)
Zipline - ZooRI at Residence Inn -
ZooRI also offers seasonal shows and events. During Christmas season, there is the so-called “Million Litez” where the lights are displayed similar to the one from Japan. Over a million lights are lit in the park. And the other one is the Four Faces of Magic – an entertainment and magic show (Red, Green, White, and Black).


The Black Magic Show Experience

When we visited, it was the time for the Black Magic Show. The show comprises of dances and magic acts with the Halloween theme as it was November, the season for the dead and the saints. It was a little bit scary, great, and fun! They even had to incorporate a few animals where most people are afraid of including snakes, reptiles, and other few cold-blooded animals. The dance show would include clowns dancing and frightening people. Some would show up on your side without you knowing it. They also used the zip line and the cable car for the show. It was one good show! You definitely shouldn’t miss this when you visit ZooRI.

Dinner in the Dark

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Dinner in the Dark is a concept originally started on Switzerland. It is a way to enhance your senses and a great culinary experience. Having your vision taken out, you are starting to feel more, smell more, taste more, and hear more. Your other senses have heightened up, in layman’s term. It’s also a way to help our visually impaired brothers and sisters and understand how it felt dining without a good sense of vision.
You will be entering the dining hall blindfolded. The visually impaired staffs are the one who will be escorting you inside the dining hall from the entrance to your chair. Once everyone is settled and comfortable enough, staff will tell the position of the meal, water, spoon, and fork, via the clock system. It’s up to you how would you recognize the food, the dessert, and the juice (if applicable). You’ll experience what our blind brothers and sisters are experiencing when they are eating when it’s always dark on their own.
After about 30 minutes, the lights will be lit up and the blindfold shall be removed. Some plates will look like a mess while others did a good job at maintaining cleanliness. After a while, there will be sharing of thoughts and experience. This Dinner in the Dark activity is such an awe-inspiring experience. People usually say that it’s hard for them to eat when it’s too dark and they do not know what they are eating. If this had been a difficult task for one with a good vision, how difficult it could be if you had been visually impaired all your life? Think and rethink.

How to get to ZooRI?

By Bus: Ride a bus in Cubao going to Alfonso, Balayan or Nasugbu, Batangas. Tell the bus driver to drop you off at Residence Inn, Tagaytay along the National Highway. It is a 10 minute from Olivares, Tagaytay.

ZooRI Entrance Fees and Schedule

P249/ adult
P199 / child 3ft-4ft
Free of Charge 3 ft below
Open from 8:00 am – 5pm; Open daily from Monday-Sunday
ZooRI Residence Inn
Km. 65 Barrio Neogan, Tagaytay City
(046) 413-1244



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