When you travel to other countries either as a tourist, for higher studies or work purposes, a valid visa allows you to enter foreign shores legally. Some countries have agreements between them to enable their citizens to travel to each other’s nations without a visa freely.
Online visa services facilitate when your country of citizenship does not have an existing visa policy with the nation you intend to visit. Compelling travelers to apply for a visa enables authorities to scrutinize every visitor; thus, discouraging criminal activities and illegal immigration.
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Listed here are five vital aspects that must be in place even before you approach online visa platforms to procure your legal travel pass:

Possession of Genuine and Valid Documents

Your passport is only considered valid if it is not expiring at least six months leading up to your date of travel. Besides, each country has a mandatory set of documents that you must comply with, so read the detailed guidelines issued beforehand.

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Adding proof of your earlier travel to other countries further improves your chances of being granted the said visa. Ensure everything is systematically documented, and only authentic evidence that will strengthen your case is submitted.

Strong Justification for Your Purpose of Entry

Going all out to justify the type of visa you are applying for as a violation of visa rules is a serious offense. For instance, it is illegal for those in possession of a tourist visa to be working or studying in the country of travel. When traveling on business, documents from your employer must substantiate your claim.
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If you’re visiting your family or friends in the said country, submitting an invitation letter from the person residing along with their documents helps build your case. As a student, provide the admission letter issued by the Institute where your application has been accepted.

Ascertain Sufficient Provision of Funds

Submitting your bank statements highlighting your income, proof of investments, income tax returns, and recent payslips, prove your sound financial status.
Minors need to share a sponsorship letter from their parents or legal guardians as well as establish the latter two entities’ solvency. Unemployed persons, too, must submit a sponsorship letter along with the sponsor’s financial proofs when using online visa services.


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Prove That You Have Compelling Reasons to Not Overstay

Ownership of property, employment, and other commitments in your home country establish strong ties that will make you exit on completion of your legitimate stay. Evidence of this effect helps to convince the visa-issuing authorities that there is no hidden agenda behind your application. It rules out the scope of you illegally extending your stay or eventually making the visiting country your permanent base.
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Establish Your Medical Fitness

Visiting countries avoid issuing visas to foreign nationals who may prove to be a liability on them owing to their ill-health. To show you do not fall under this unfavorable category, submit evidence that establishes you are medically fit. It’s also advisable to buy health insurance that covers the duration of your trip.
Go about the visa procedure, in all honesty, to avoid being blacklisted by the issuing authority.