There’s nothing like a European vacation, visiting medieval landmarks, lovely, quaint streets, and munching on delicious Western cuisine. Europe is among the top-rated tourist destinations in the world, showcasing unique landscapes and man-made infrastructure. 

More than the exciting nature escapade and tourist spots, travelers need to consider their safety when traveling to Europe. Overall, the region has low violent crime rates but tourists still need to be vigilant. 

Planning to go to Europe anytime soon? Here’s a guide to travel safely in Europe. From proper packing, carrying the right gear, paying attention to ATM machines, protests, and strikes. Read on to learn more.

Follow This Guide to Traveling Safe in Europe

Is Europe Safe for Travelers?

Europe is practically safe for tourists, but there are several areas that you must avoid to be safe from pickpockets. The number of tourists falling victim from pickpocketing is increasing, as the region has a massive share of talented thieves.

The last thing you want to happen is to lose all your pocket money and encounter a huge mess brought by thieves or snatchers. Therefore, educating yourself on the areas to avoid and things to do is important to prepare for the worst and avoid problems. 

Packing for Europe

Valuable possessions, like gadgets, jewelry, and money should be tucked away properly to avoid getting lost or stolen. For flights, you must have a hand-carry bag to keep gadgets, like a mobile device, some of your pocket money, cards, jewelry, or other important items. 


Separate some of your money in different bags to avoid losing everything in case you lose your hand-carry bag. In addition, there is anti-theft luggage that you can buy, having secret compartments for keeping cash, and other valuable possessions. 

Carrying the Right Gear

When going on a stroll or tour across Europe, the first thing to consider is carrying the right bag or gear. A money belt or neck wallet helps to keep cash intact. There are also bags with lockable zippers, which makes it harder for thieves to stick their fingers inside. 

Never use a bag without a zipper, and make sure to keep an eye on your belongings, especially in crowded places. Remember, tourist spots are packed with thieves waiting for the perfect opportunity to sneak into your belongings. 

Preparing for Theft

Always prepare for theft incidents and keep several copies of your passport, IDs, insurance, vouchers, addresses, transportation tickets. Ready backups and proof if needed in the airport, hotel, or other places. 


Just to be safe, leave your most valuable items at the hotel and don’t bring too many electronics. To easily make insurance claims, take pictures of your valuables ahead. 

Taking Precautions

The key to traveling safely is being vigilant and blending with the crowd. Dress appropriately and don’t sport too much wealth in public, especially in sketchy areas. Wear your bags in front of you in busy areas. 

Madrid, Rome, Prague, Paris, and Florence are the places that are packed with thieves in tourist spots and other public spaces. In fact, even children are doing several tactics to mug tourists, using cardboards to distract people. 

For withdrawing cash in ATM machines, be sure that no one is behind you when entering the PIN number. 

Mobile Apps to Download 

Technology can help you in a number of situations, including when you are lost in Europe. Be sure to download these apps for your trip to any European country. 

Pretty Streets

Download the Pretty Streets app to get detailed walking itineraries across Dublin, London, and Paris. Discover captivating streets, boulevards, and avenues, with custom maps to adjust to a user’s length of the walk. 


Search for flights, trains, and buses in 12 different European countries, using the Omio App. Users can access several options from thousands of airports or bus stations. 

The Fork

To avoid unnecessary conversations with sketchy locals, you can simply download The Fork app to find more than 30,000 restaurants across Europe. Menu items are published, along with reviews, photos, and other information. 

Follow This Guide to Traveling Safe in Europe


Traveling to Europe is totally safe, as long as travelers are vigilant and careful. There are authorities in every country or part of the city, therefore, you are practically safe. Just be mindful of your possessions, and always do research to avoid problems.