Traveling can be a rewarding stress-buster if you’re planning to get away from your mundane daily grind, either as a part of a group or all on your own. As solo travel is on the rise, travel has become all about spontaneity and freedom to explore the destinations at your own pace. For this reason, the number of women with an undying love for travel is rapidly accelerating.
If you have a woman in your life with a zest for exploring new places and you always find it difficult figuring out what to give her, fret no more, we’ve got your back. Quit sending gift cards every year and start giving her something to remember.
Here we’ve master-crafted a one-stop solution to your quest in finding the best gifts for the woman who is always raving about her next dream trip. Read on to discover 7 awesome gifts for women who travel!

1. Forget Pins on the Map, Now There’s a Scratch Map

She can get rid of pinning down the places that she’s been to on the world map. The Scratch Map is a far cooler way to map out where she’s already set foot. Covered in a gold foil layer, she can scratch off the layer to reveal colorful countries as she continues unraveling the beauty of new destinations.
That’s not all! They also make the perfect bedroom wall art to show off all her adventures around the world.

2. The Famous Adventure Camera – GoPro Hero 8

From snowboarding to scuba diving to skydiving, there is nothing better than a Go Pro to capture all the brilliant moments that she experiences. The latest version of GoPro Hero 8 has recently made its appearance, which can make a magnificent gift for the female travel enthusiast in your life.
You can also make a combo gift of the Hero8 with its protective housing, which will double the happiness for sure!


3.  Make Things Simple with the World Travel Adapter

Adapters have always been an issue for travel enthusiasts in today’s tech-savvy world. But if she has a universal power adapter, she won’t have to worry anymore.
Designed to work in more than 150 countries, she can travel to almost anywhere around the globe, and convert the plug by just sliding a single switch. Also with dual USB Ports and USB Max: 2100mA 5V 2.1A, this adapter is compatible with most of the gadgets.

4. Help Her Carry More in This Carry-On Luggage

The art of suitcase packing is usually more difficult to master for women because of the truckload of things women like to carry, even if it’s a one-day trip.
The TravelPro Maxlite 5 suitcase is super light, making it easier to carry all the things she needs whilst looking stylish. The bag weighs less than 6 pounds and features the best quality spinning wheels. And to top everything off, it also comes with a lifetime warranty.

5. The Inevitable Silk Scarf

If she doesn’t already travel with a silk scarf, she’ll thank you when she has one. A cute, vibrant scarf will not only keep her warm in the plane, but it will also allow her to cover up when visiting religious and cultural sites, and add a bit of pizazz to a simple outfit.
If you’re unsure about what type of scarf to buy, go for a silk pashmina wrap. They are so versatile she can wear it around her neck, as a headscarf or, if it’s big enough, as a sarong too.


6. A Comfy Little Hammock

Practically every woman in this world wouldn’t mind spending some quality time swinging in a Hammock with their favorite book.
Being heavy-duty, lightweight, and portable this Hammock is super easy to set-up and can be carried around in her bag. Moreover, this multi-functional gear is space-saving and entails a lot of health benefits such as improving sleep quality.

7.  A Must-Gift Idea: Global SIM Card Sticker

If she loves heading-off on one vacation after another, gifting her a SIM sticker would be a thoughtful and practical idea which she will definitely appreciate. This will free her of the hassle to change her SIM card every time she hits the road.
With Global SIM stickers it becomes a piece of cake to activate data by attaching her existing SIM card.

8. Gift Her Purified Water with Steripen Water Purifier

Having access to clean drinking water when on the go is not always possible. And often the traveling woman in your life may be left with no choice but to quench herr thirst by drinking lake or tap water.
To tackle this unhygienic situation you can gift her the Steripen Water Purifier which uses UV light to filter water in just a few seconds. In fact, it only takes 90 seconds for Steripen Water Purifier to purify 1-litre water.