One of the most dreaded parts of traveling is waiting at the airport. Who would want to sit and wait around for hours before departure? Well, perhaps you would if you were in a travel lounge, wherein you can sit comfortably, away from the crowd.
People flying first or business class have access to the equivalent travel lounge, regardless of their frequent flyer status. However, if you are in an economy seat, you cannot access this facility, unless you have a pass. The good thing is, LoungeBuddy lets you purchase lounge passes from select partners worldwide.
Interested in how LoungeBuddy works? Read on and find out how you can enjoy the services of LoungeBuddy. Get insider tips on how you can maximize your membership and the cost of lounge access.
Get Access to Premium Airport Lounges

What Is LoungeBuddy?

LoungeBuddy is an app that lets travelers book guaranteed access to numerous airport lounges around the world. The platform provides members with low-cost lounge passes to enjoy world-class amenities including baths, refreshments, and more. Before, lounge passes were only reserved for elite, frequent travelers. However, these days, you can immediately book passes with your family.
Select partners overseas allow LoungeBuddy members to enjoy a host of services including free Wi-Fi, consumption of alcoholic beverages, culinary dishes, state-of-the-art waiting areas, and the use of printers or telephones. The best part is, members pay only a fraction of the price, and children under two years old are admitted for free with an adult.

How LoungeBuddy Works

To enjoy free access to airport lounges, you need to sign up and pay for the membership fee. LoungeBuddy offers three Priority Pass levels for every type of traveler.
The Standard pass costs $99 annually, and each visit, you need to pay $32 for the access. An upgraded version of the Standard pass is Standard Plus, which costs $299. Under this pass, members are entitled to free 10 visits. After the free visits, members are charged $32 per entry. The Prestige pass costs $429, which gives you unlimited access to any Priority Lounge for the entire year.
Members enjoy the mentioned perks but accompanying guests need to pay $32 per entry. This is applied to all three membership levels.
After paying for the membership, you can now use the app to search for the airport you will visit and find the partner lounge. Select and choose the time and date of entry. Note that there is a free cancellation 48 hours before the scheduled visit.


Credit Card And Flyer Status

LoungeBuddy also provides special treatment to travelers with elite flyer status and premium credit cards. You can get alerts for free day passes to different lounges around the globe. Think of this as the added perk of being a frequent flyer and paying premium annual fees for credit cards.
In addition to the alerts on free airport lounges, LoungeBuddy also provides rebates on a first-come, first-served basis. Moreover, LoungeBuddy also provides promo codes members can use for pass discounts. To use the code, you need to visit their website and apply code before processing your reservation.

Travel Insurance

In case you experience flight cancellations and members cannot use the lounge, LoungeBuddy can arrange the changes and disruptions with travel insurance. If you don’t have travel insurance, you can email LoungeBuddy at [email protected].

Is A LoungeBuddy Membership Worth It?

If you consider yourself a frequent flyer but don’t book first or business class seat, then you can invest in LoungeBuddy membership to enjoy lounge passes. Staying in crowded chairs in airports is uncomfortable, not to mention, draining. Even further, if you find yourself feeling hungry, you will have to buy your food.
With a LoungeBuddy membership, you only need to pay a little amount to enjoy great facilities, good food, free drinks, and more. If you need to work, lounges have free Wi-Fi for guests. Feeling icky and want to shower? Some lounges have shower areas for guests to freshen up in between flights. Finally, you can take a nap in the comfortable chairs and get energized for your trip.


Bottom Line

LoungeBuddy offers cost-effective travel solutions for people who travel for business or for work. Invest in a membership today and enjoy a host of perks that are exclusive for members.