Mio Gelati – a brand known for their unique and enticing gelato flavors has opened their first flagship store located on the 3rd floor of Ayala Malls Vertis North together with new and exciting flavors.
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Mio Gelati, a heaven in a cup

The Grand Launch of their first flagship store was held last November 10, 2017, at Ayala Malls Vertis North. A pink and pastel-themed ceremony joined with owners and fellow bloggers to celebrate a day of heavenly goodness. Mio Gelati has gone a long way from joining bazaars to pop-up booths to kiosks, now, they have their own store releasing a lot of new flavor choices. You have to check out their new gourmet gelato creations!

Mio Gelati New Creations include:

1. Fruitopia 
-Cereal-based milkshake goodness topped with fruit loops for an out of this world breakfast-inspired drink.
2. Salted Caramallows
-Biscoff cookies and torched marshmallows give this salted caramel shake a unique twist. All brown. All good.
3. Hazelatto
– Dig into this goldmine of a hazelnut drink with gold sprinkles and a huge Ferrero chocolate on top! A real gem awaits.
4. Unicornbow
-Of rainbows and unicorns. A dash of color here and there. And a whole lot of happy sprinkles make this bubblegum x strawberry drink a favorite of many!
5. Fudgelatto
-Dark and delicious. A double dose of real premium chocolatey goodness guaranteed to satisfy one’s cravings.
6. Smoresicles
-Yummy and quite handy! Dark chocolate gelato based covered generously with torched marshmallows for that sumptuous quick fix on a stick.
Here’s Mio Gelati’s Full Menu!
Mio Gelati Menu -
I think you also need some gelato goodness photos straight from the booth!

My personal advice is to try the flavors below. They are soooo good and best for your Instagram shots too!

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Jane ordered the Cookie Butter and I tried the Chili Choco.
Mio Gelati Chili Choco and Cookie Butter
Chili Choco, a blend of hot and cold inside bursting into your mouth. It’s truly a unique favor best for curious tasters. Cookie Butter, a gelato tasting like the cookies that your mum brings you when coming home.
We also had a taste of the alcoholic flavors. There were three in the booth, Tequila Rose, Bailey’s, and Beer flavored gelatos. This could be a great way to be alcoholic!
Remember to try their SMORSICLES!
Mio Gelati Smorsicle -
So you better get going and try out the Mio Gelati flavors ALL AT ONCE! Call the gang, chill, and hang-out at Mio Gelati Vertis North! It’s gonna be a heavenly treat full of fun and gelato craziness!


How to get to Mio Gelati in Ayala Malls Vertis North

Assuming you will be coming from the south, the fastest way is to ride the MRT and drop off at the last station, the North Avenue Station. Get inside Trinoma or go all the down to the ground floor. Ayala Malls Vertis North is just beside the Trinoma mall.

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