Mio Gelati has been with us in the guise of a food truck or a pop-up booth. But now, they are changing their game.

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We can now enjoy Mio Gelati’s creamier and smoother gelatos anytime we want, anytime we like!  They have recently opened up a Mio Gelati kiosk located on the ground floor of Century Mall in Makati. 

Why should you prefer gelatos over regular ice creams? What’s the difference?

There are a number of factors involving the differences of gelatos and regular ice cream. Ice cream is mostly water and once the water freezes, it forms hard and crunchy ice crystals. It has more air in it which makes the ice cream easier to scoop and less dense, plus it has more fat because it uses more cream. But flavors, of course, are still in the name.


Meanwhile, gelatos have less fat and less air which makes it healthier, smoother, and creamier. It uses more milk than cream which clearly has lesser fat. It is denser and you can taste the burst of flavors in every lick or bite.

Why Mio Gelati?

Compared to other gelatos in the market, we find Mio Gelati’s to be more flavorful, tastier, and smoother. The Blueberry cheesecake flavor tastes like the real ones. They totally nailed the flavor! What I loved the most was the Black Chocolate with its dark and rich flavor, your taste buds will surely flow with delight.

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Other great Mio Gelati flavors are the Green Tea KitKat, Mint Chocolate Chips, Mango Cream Pie, Salted Caramel (second best for me!), Cookie Butter, and Pistachio. Jane loved the Avocado Milk and Willy Wonka flavors.


As mentioned, they now have a fixed kiosk at Century Mall’s ground floor which makes it easier for us to taste their heavenly gelatos. PS: They don’t have the alcoholic flavors yet!

Mio Gelati is available in cups and cones at affordable prices.

What’s your favorite flavor? Send me a message or comment below and I might treat you a Mio Gelati gelato!

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Mio Gelati
G/F Century Mall
Makati City, Philippines
[email protected]