CBD has been heralded as a miraculous natural remedy for people and animals suffering from different ailments. The hype began circulating years ago and has since grown into a full-blown industry. This boom has spawned many quality hemp goods and copies that have nothing to do with the original products.
As a result, buyers are victimized due to false advertising claims, misleading information, and products that usually don’t contain a portion of cannabidiol. You are probably aware that giving fake CBD to your pet can be potentially harmful, so try to stay away from these scams.

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How to spot fake CBD is the question asked by many pet owners who have recently started investing in this natural supplement for their cats and dogs. This article will address some of the telltale signs of fakes when buying CBD oils for your pet.

Unclear Labels

A good way to tell if a CBD oil may not live up to your expectations is to read the label. If products claim to contain cannabidiol in huge amounts and are marked as full-spectrum, they are likely counterfeit. The amount of the active ingredient in these products is not higher than 20%, so anything claiming more than that is a scam.
Also, THC content has to be stated on the label. Since this cannabinoid can be harmful to animals, you must take care of its amount. If the oil is marked as ‘full-spectrum,’ and you see an extra ‘THC-free’ label, it’s clear that you run onto fake. These two claims are contradictory.

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Low-Quality Packaging

If you buy a product in a store, you have a chance to look at some apparent marks that may expose a fake product. First, it’s the quality of the packaging. As making quality containers is costly, poor or lose seals usually telltale counterfeit products. If the LOT numbers or expiration date seems altered, move on.
Also, CBD pet oils are most often packaged in glass containers due to the preservation of the contents. If you come across cheap plastic packaging, skip them. They may not be fake, but these products are likely to be of poorer quality than those with a higher price tag.

No Proof of Origin

If the product doesn’t have an organic production label, you have the right to doubt the origin. It may come from a contaminated area, or the hemp may not be grown under the prescribed conditions. All this indicates a potentially bad raw material and, therefore, a poor quality product.
Moreover, CBD oils produced from hemp from contaminated areas can be dangerous to your pet. Since the hemp plant has great absorption power, it can take pollutants from the ground and air. If these toxins get into the product, they can endanger the health and welfare of your furry buddy.

Unknown Manufacturer

You should also look for the pet CBD brand displayed prominently on the label. Checking information about the manufacturer before purchasing is a must. The market is crowded with companies making pet CBD goods, but not all of them are trustworthy.
The Internet provides you with information on various companies, including customers’ feedback and ratings. The red alert is missing information about the company that made the product. If there are no contact details, a phone number of customer support, or a website link, you can suspect a fraud. Brand information should be transparent.


No Lab Testing Information

Most companies claim their CBD oils for pets are made from all-natural, lab-tested, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. But if you can’t see any of these reports, it’s probably best to stay away. The lack of a lab report to prove the potency or purity is one of the main signs of fake or low-quality hemp products.
While a certification of analyses may mean that the supplement has been standardized, there is no guarantee that it actually is. In addition to not carrying a lab test with CBD in it, many vendors will not mention the source of the hemp either.
Buy only pet CBD products that have detailed clinical documentation. Look for independent, third-party lab testing that verifies that the oil contains only natural plant extracts. Also, look for testimonials that come from qualified vets and health experts.

False Healing Claims

CBD is a compound extracted from hemp plants, so the primary way that marketers describe its effectiveness is through its natural origin and medical benefits. But most magical supplements are nothing but a fancy name made by an unlicensed manufacturer and advertised as a miracle cure-all.
A false claim of medical use for CBD oils becomes extremely important to investigate. The best product doesn’t make outrageous claims and offers solid clinical research supporting its use. These are usually not supported by scientific evidence. They usually come from unlicensed manufacturers that haven’t undergone any government control.
Cannabidiol is praised as a potent natural remedy safe for animal use. On this source, find the list of all its benefits. But keep in mind that it’s actually illegal to promote this substance as a cure. While CBD is highly effective in some cases, it can’t work like magic.
Although many vets would gladly prescribe CBD oil to your pet, it’s a supplement, not an official treatment. You have to be very careful and do detailed research before purchase. Only original, high-quality products can be safe and effective for animal use.