Having fun with your kids and enjoying a classic or modern movie can be an awesome experience. If you have been wondering what to watch with your kids, do not worry; there is an endless array of movies for kids options out there for you to enjoy.

Staying home no longer has to be boring as some of these movies we will be talking about are actually available to stream on the major streaming networks such as Netflix and Hulu. This means that you can watch movies at any time, anywhere.

In our list today, we feature both old classics, as well as the modern movies that you can enjoy with your kids right at home. Read on to learn about some of the must watch movies for kids.


10 Must Watch Movies of All Time for Kids

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

This movie is still a must-watch holiday classic today, and year after year, parents and their kids sit around the TV to enjoy this story.

You will appreciate this timeless tale of a once hopeless man who realizes the value of his life after he receives help from a guardian angel.

E.T. (1982)

This movie is still one of the best in terms of science-fiction movies. It is about childhood and friendship. The movie coined the famous classic phrase “E.T. phone home”. Almost every moment of the movie will live with you forever. It is ideal for ages seven and up.


Spirited Away (2002)

This is an animated magical adventure film that is considered one of the greatest masterpieces from Hayao Miyazaki. It stars a very strong female protagonist, although the parents of younger kids need to beware of the scary creatures in the movie.

The parents in the movie turn into pigs and even in one scene, the river dragon lingers on to the verge of death. It is rated PG and ideal for kids from ages nine and up.

The Greatest Showman (2017)

This one is a more recent movie where kids get to join the circus and enjoy the uplifting music featured in the movie. The movie loosely tells the story of P.T. Barnum.

Be prepared for the song “This is the Greatest Show” playing in your home, over and over again after the movie.


Frozen (2013)

What kid’s movie list would be complete without Frozen? This animated movie is about the power of family, love, and sisterhood.

It will fill your home with song and dance and for the next few months, your kids will probably be singing “Let it Go” every single day.

Star Wars (1977)

This is a good one, and it’s good to introduce your kids to this epic franchise because chances are that you are a big fan of these movies yourself.

Your kids will love the telepathic powers, the lightsabers, and the space-flight adventures. It is ideal for kids that are eight years old or older.

A League of Their Own (1992)

If your kid ever asks you why girls do not play major league baseball, you can tell them that they do, and then watch this movie together with them.

It features a strong storyline that is based on a real-life story from the 1940s. It is recommended for kids above eight years old.

Willow (1998)

This movie is great for the current Harry Potter generation, and viewing Willow will surely interest them. The adventure is very easy for them to follow.

School-aged kids will enjoy the humor of the two forest fairies plus their strange voices and their snappy one-liners.

Tangled (2010)

10 Must Watch Movies of All Time for Kids
Image Source: NPR

This movie will take you on a Disney journey that retells the story of Rapunzel. This is a great movie for all ages, and the songs, magic, and self-discovery will leave your kids enthralled.


If you have been wondering which movies to enjoy with your children, you could start with the movies listed above. All of these films offer something different, so make sure to check them all out!