Many people dream of seeing the world from a new perspective. Whether it be their favorite cultural town away from the hordes of tourists or simply an adventure off-the-beaten-path, there is a certain charm that comes with visiting places not usually on the radar. 

From those looking for soul-searching adventures to basking in the historical and cultural wonders of the world, you will definitely find no shortage of rich experiences in these underrated destinations. 

Not only will these places give you a new sense of excitement, but it will also give new memories to look back on. The underrated travel destinations on this list deserve more credit for what they have to offer to the rest of the world. For the more adventurous individuals out there, take a look. 

Discover These Underrated Places to Travel To
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Africa is known not only for its wildlife but also for its warm weather and even more welcoming people calling you by your first name. 

History buffs and culture lovers alike will certainly have a grand time moving through the country, what with its beautiful ancient stories and the architecture to go with it. 

As the climate ers from 21 to 24C throughout the year, this is perfect for sightseeing just about all day every day, starting with the sleepy town of Lalibela. 



Touted as the New Jerusalem, this place is home to 11 monolithic churches carved entirely out of a single stone. 

Not to be missed, of course, is no other than the equally marvelous volcanoes of Denakil Depression and the colored albeit scorching salt flats of the Erta Ale volcano in the same place. 

Here, camels will take you on a trek across salt lands as you watch the sunrise wash over you.

With its varied range of natural beauty, visiting Ethiopia is certainly one for the books. From highlands to rainforests to delectable cuisine, this guarantees an experience like no other. 


Puglia, Italy

For individuals who love the sun and the beach, look no further. Puglia gives Tuscany a run for its money not only with its coastal town but its gourmet offerings that truly embody traditional Italian ideals. 

Its underrated tourism reportedly stems from its distance from other popular destinations in the country, such as the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, and Venice. 

It also doesn’t help that it has gained a reputation for being the poorer counterpart of the region.


Despite its bad rap, it stands well on its own. While known for its picturesque beaches such as Gallipoli, Polignano a Mare, and Torre Canne during the warmer weather, people actually visit it throughout the year for its culinary treasure.

Just a note, one of those culinary treasures is orecchiette pasta. True to its up and coming gastronomic delights, this town is known for its slow food movement, with a bevy of courses being served to diners in attempts to highlight the simplest yet freshest ingredients. 

Pair this with crisp wines while touring the wineries or even while strolling through olive oil factories in Italy. 

Valparaiso, Chile

It’s no secret that Chile’s pride and joy is no other than renowned Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Even Neruda himself was smitten with the country, specifically, the city of Valparaiso, has written an ode to it titled, “Oda a Valparaiso” – and rightly so. 

While the country gets a reputation for its economic situation, as well as its hotspots and demonstrations, the country remains steadfast in its commitment to providing travelers with a safe journey in the nation. 


Valparaiso, in particular, is known for its colorful row of houses near the port. Apart from this, the second-largest city in Chile is also highly regarded for its equally vibrant street art and matching graffiti

One can even catch the 20 murals created between 1969 to 1973 at the Instituto de Arte or one of the ever-evolving murals and street art made by talented individuals. 

Each of these creations weaves a masterful telling of San Miguel and its history. 

For those who want a deeper probe into Neruda’s life, take a stroll down to La Sebastiana and walk through streets filled with life, bars, and everything in between. This area proves to be full of color, excitement, and adventure.

Discover These Underrated Places to Travel To
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The Bottom Line

These underrated places to travel to definitely deserve a spot on your list. 

By visiting these locales, you are sure to find unparalleled cultures and sights that will open up doors to a much wider worldview.