9 Best things to do this summer in the Alps

It is a common misconception in people that the Alps are meant just for the snow and that winter is the only time you can visit them. While it is true that the beauty of the place during the winters reaches its peak, it is wrong to think that you cannot find any fun activities to try in the summers.
Here, we are talking about spending summers in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world, French Alps. The beauty of the Alps is unmatched no matter the season. So let’s get started with the top things to do in the Alps in summers.

1. Paragliding

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This is one of the most common activities that people take part in when visiting the Alps in the summers. The view of the entire place from above with the wind gushing around is an experience that you just can’t compare with anything else.
It is most definitely one of its kind experience with the best kind of panoramic view. They have trained professionals to guide you and with all safety equipment so that you can enjoy it without thinking about having any concerns. Also, it needs a bit of courage along with the guidance and safety equipment. So, take up only if you are ready for it.
You can also get some great deals on all-in Ski Holidays if you book in advance, and you may avail some great discounts.

2. Rock climbing

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This is yet another of the summer activities which is quite popular around the Alps. The experience of climbing on the warm rocks and feeling the gentle heat of the sun at the same time is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. If you are stressed because you haven’t done it before, don’t be! They have different levels for different skill levels, from beginners to advanced. You can choose the stage you think will be best suited for you.
The majority of people taking up climbing targets the cliffs of Ceuse to explore their adventurous skills. Also, don’t forget to carry all the necessary equipment along with learning about the safety measures.
It’s important to have sturdy climbing shoes (though some agencies provide those as well). Check beforehand so you are prepared.


3. Canyoning

Canyoning is one of the most distinctive types of activity and many people are drawn to experience it. This activity helps people beat the heat and acts as a stress buster. Jumping into the Alpine water or sliding down the natural toboggans is something that brings an unmatched experience for first-timers. summer in the alps
It is not just perfect for teenagers and groups of friends, but also for entire families who are visiting the Alps during the hot summer months. Rabou Canyon and the Le Fournel Canyon are the best spots to experience canyoning.

4. Via Ferrata

This is one of the lesser-known adventure sports, but quite an amazing one nonetheless. This was first started by the Italian army to get their troop safely across the mountains.  Since then it has become an adventure sport that is loved and enjoyed by several people across the world during the summer season precisely in the Alps. The sport is all about making your way around the course with wire ladders, bridges, and the gorges and ravines.
If you want to experience a sport that will stay with you all your life, you just can’t skip out on Via Ferrate. Those who have a fear of heights should consult their guide beforehand to understand if it matches your adventurous zeal or not.

5. Caving

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If you are tired of the heights and the views from atop the mountains, caving is a good alternative to try during the summer months. If you are into these kinds of adventures, the Devoluy Massif has over 600 caves that you can visit to explore around. It can be a scary experience if you don’t do well in an enclosed space, but if you don’t have that issue, you can literally find gems there. summer in the alps
The obstacles, especially the water obstacles and such are what sets this apart from other things altogether. These caves are suitable for beginners and kids as well.


6. Mountain biking

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Yet another one of the popular summer activities to enjoy in the Alps definitely has to be the mountain biking. If you have been struggling with the biking itself, don’t rush yourself through because the roads and the trails are very steep.
Some of the popular ski resorts like Les 2 Alpes, Orcieres, etc. do clean out their path during the summer when the snow melts completely. This helps you get your bike to the top of the mountain for an immaculate experience like no other. You will also find a plethora of bike parks around the Southern Alps.

7. Tree climbing

Tree climbing is quite a popular adventure activity that one can indulge in during the summer months. You can rediscover your childhood through this and doing it during the night adds more excitement to the adventure. You will have the additional safety of the rope, so you stay assured to not fall into the ground.
There are also a number of tree hammocks where you can spend the night if you want to explore the wilderness. The adventure indeed has some dangers involves so stay careful from your side.

8. White water rafting

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Next on the list has to be white water rafting without a speck of doubt. The place is known for its famous rivers for the white water rafting that people from all across the world come to enjoy it. Some of the most popular spots around include Durance, La Bonne and even Severaisse. summer in the alps

9. Hiking

Last but not least is hiking. With so many mountain peaks in the French Alps, the experience of walking amidst them is quite a rush. Though hiking is one of the most common adventures people take, the same in the Alps will be very different. Summers do bring out the lush greenery of the place which further adds to the beauty that you can experience while on your hikes through the depths and crevices of the jungle.
The Alps aren’t just known for their spectacular ski resorts. If you are planning on visiting during the summer, the options of things to do during that time are endless. Hope you like some of these activities we mentioned above. Please share your top things to do in the Alps during summertime in comments below so we can bank on your experience as well.


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