Father’s Day just came about but every day could be one. Celebrating life with your family especially your parents is truly part of the most rewarding moments one could ever experience. Hence, as their children and family, we also have to provide and look after our parent’s health needs.

Diabetes in the Family

My father has been diagnosed with diabetes since I don’t know when. And since then, there have been huge changes in his way of life, especially his health. It’s not easy to deal with this disease especially when your family has a history of it. You’ll never know when the disease strikes as it runs from the blood.
Last 2019 was the most distressing year for him. He used to tell us that he’s experiencing pains from his left pinky toe as if there’s something that pierces through his skin. It was the start of his worst nightmares as well.

My mom and dad at the hospital

He was a smoker since his teenage years. And throughout the years, he’s been smoking like crazy for up to four (4) packs a day. Eventually, this habit of him takes its toll. When his foot was examined by doctors, they told him that he’s suffering from gangrene. Meaning, the muscle in his pinky toe has already rotted, became dead, and that part needs to be removed so he had to undergo minor surgery.
The doctors also know about his diabetes so they make sure that before any surgeries occur, his sugar level is okay.
Unfortunately, the wound from the surgery lasted longer than usual. Diabetes makes wounds heal longer, and this time, it didn’t heal as expected. The wound became larger and when examined again by the doctors, they decided to have the pinky toe removed.
Following that operation removing his pinky toe, the wound again didn’t heal completely, and another part of his foot has captured gangrene too. So doctors had to remove the dead tissues on his foot. Again, unfortunately, the wound became larger almost eating away his entire feet. It’s already about 3-4 inches in diameter. Yes, the wound was that big that the bone can almost be seen.
The doctors already suggested amputating his left foot to which he refused and decided to manage the wound himself.

Insult Shots Made it Better

By his first operation, the doctors gave him insulin shots which helped make his blood sugar levels normal. Unfortunately, diabetes is just that bad and is not easily treated but can be maintained.
Thankfully, through the insulin pen and regular cleaning of the wound with NSS (and some herbal remedy), the wound eventually healed better. This got his wound tissues developed nicely that eventually closed out his wound.
He still feels pain sometimes, but the good thing is that his wounds are healing better and that the insulin shots/pen helps regulate his sugar levels helping him live a better and healthier life.


Family Support is Important

My titas at the hospital

When someone in the family is sick and not feeling well, normally it’s just the mom who takes care of us. However, when one is already hospitalized by any means, the whole family is driven to show care and support to the hospitalized member of the family.
Single support from one bloodline is good, but a whole support system from the family helps better in healing and giving hope.
I remember when my Titas who are busy and really far from the hospital location made their way to show support the night before my father’s surgery. I see the glow and happiness in my father’s eyes and it shows that his spirit has been uplifted. It’s a happy time for the family even though one is about to undergo an operation.

About Insulinization

Insulin is one of the primary ways to manage diabetes. Since its discovery, it has helped millions of people and will continue to improve the lives of diabetes patients. Recently, there have been newly innovated second-generation insulins that are easier for
patients to use, and has also been proven to have a lower risk for hypoglycemia.
To know more about insulin and diabetes, watch this video: