From reality game shows to sitcoms to the news, there are a ton of TV shows that are binge-worthy. Fortunately, as technology evolves, you can now watch TV online wherever you are.

If you wish to take your favorite shows everywhere, knowing how to watch TV online is the key. Whether it be on your desktop or mobile devices, you can now enjoy the relative convenience of a TV series to-go.

Do you want to know how? Below, you’ll find a round-up of the easiest and most effective ways to watch TV online. Read on to know more.


 Watch TV Online

Ways To Watch TV Online

  • Via Free Streaming Sites

Perhaps, one of the best things modern technology provided us is the availability to use free-streaming sites. These platforms also let you enjoy quality series for free.

Unlike paid streaming sites and cable subscriptions, free streaming services don’t require monthly payments. However, since they are available for free, you will have to view ads every once in a while.

Some of the best free streaming sites include Sony’s Crackle, which offers both top-hit and mundane shows.


There is also Tubi TV, which boasts of its large and diverse catalog, and Pluto TV, which lets you watch live TV, sports broadcasts, and other series.

  • Via TV Apps

As technology advances, the general public’s demands also expand. With this, traditional television networks have no other option but to adapt. This is the reason why on-demand services are now available online.

People can look for the appropriate applications online, download them, create an account, and watch full episodes of their favorite TV shows and programs.

From Disney Plus to BBC to many more, there are a ton of television networks that now offer their own on-demand streaming services.


The only major setback, however, is that most of these apps only let you watch previous episodes and not live telecasts.

  • Via Paid Streaming Services

Of course, if you want to secure ad-free and quality TV shows and series, turning to paid streaming services will be your best bet.

From the popular Netflix and Hulu to Amazon Prime Video to Sling TV, there is a large number of services for you to choose from.

Since these are paid streaming offers, you can expect that you will be provided with top-rated series with no ad interruption. Some of these services, such as Sling TV, offer shows in real-time!

However, you’ll need to be prepared to pay a fee of $8.99/month to $60.99/month to access your preferred streaming site.

Watch TV Online Mobile

The Bottom Line

From flexibility to convenience, being able to watch TV online through your mobile and desktop promises an array of perks.

As society advances into a fast-paced set-up where everyone is always on the move, being able to take your favorite TV series and shows wherever you go is sure to give you the entertainment and pleasure you need.