For many soccer enthusiasts, there are only two ways to enjoy a big game: by watching it in person or by turning to a channel subscription. However, is there another option if you can’t afford either of the two?

There is still a way to watch soccer without turning to either of the two previously mentioned options. Curious to know how? By turning to the available online platforms, of course!

Below, we have prepared a brief guide on how you can watch and enjoy your favorite sports without the need to buy a ticket or apply for a channel subscription. Read on.


How to Watch Soccer Online

Where To Watch Soccer Online

Generally, there are tons of places to watch soccer online. Among these include the following platforms.

  • FuboTV

For many sports fans, nothing is quite as convenient as tuning in to fuboTV. Serving as a sports-centric platform, the service offers dozens of channels that will allow you to watch soccer online without cable.

With channels including beIN Sport, FOX Sports regional channels, FS1 and FS2, NBC Sports regional channels, and many more, expect that you’ll be provided with loads of sports channel options.


The platform is supported by a variety of devices, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, and web browsers.

Therefore, you’ll get the chance to watch soccer anytime, anywhere. You only need to be connected to the internet.

To apply, fuboTV is available at the low price of $54.99/mo. You can also enjoy a free trial. This will allow you to enjoy watching soccer games without the need to pay a single dime for a total of 7 days. Also, with this service, you aren’t stuck with just one channel!

  • Sling TV

Looking for a more budget-friendly online streaming platform to watch your favorite soccer games? Sling TV is one of the best options.


Specifically, you can take advantage of your access to sports channels, such as beIN Sports, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, TNT, Fox Sports, and many more. These allow you to watch soccer for only the low price of $25/mo.

Similar to fuboTV, Sling TV is also supported by many devices, including Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TVs, iOS and Androids, Roku, Xbox One, Chrome web browser, and many more.

To make the offer even more rewarding, users can enjoy a 7-day free trial upon registration.

  • DirectTV

Last but not the least, DirectTV is another worthwhile service to try out if you want to stream soccer directly to your devices. To do so, you’ll only need to secure a fast and reliable internet connection and pay a standard price of $50 per month.

Under this platform, users can enjoy access to more than 40 channels. These channels allow them to watch their favorite sports games wherever, whenever.

The platform is supported by Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs, iOS, Android, as well as browsers and also promises a one-week free trial.

Watch Soccer Online

The Bottom Line

Excited to watch soccer? Who says the hype is only limited for stadium-goers and channel subscribers? With the right online platform, you can enjoy the best soccer games whenever you want, wherever you are.

Feel the adrenaline rushing in you. Support your team and stay current on the latest events that are happening on the field. Turn to any of these online services today!