During our time in Bali where we spent four (4) days, two nights have been spent to wonderful abode amidst the busy streets of Canggu, Villa Palma. We know there are a lot of choices for villas in Bali but our experience in Villa Palma can’t be taken away and surely we would go back and book it again.
Villa Palma is a hidden tropical paradise in the area of Canggu. Unlike Ubud where you might be seeing greens and rice fields everywhere, Canggu is quite different. Canggu does have the greens and the rice fields too but a few meters away from the villa is a place where tourists hang-out, chatting and drinking together.
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Villa Palma Canggu


If there’s any place I would stay again when I get back to Bali, it’s definitely Villa Palma. To us, it’s an oasis in the urban area of Canggu. The place was serene and super laidback, totally away from the noises of the city (except for the neighbor’s dogs). Similar to what we have experienced with Tri Datu Villas, a complete and total relaxation could be experienced here.
Villa Palma is a large villa with three (3) separate bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, and amenities similar to a hotel room. The kitchen and common area are shared which is perfect especially if you are traveling with a group. If you are traveling alone, it’s not also a problem as the place is intimate and relaxing. You’d be having friends at the moment you see the other people checked in at the villa. If you are traveling with your partner, the place is perfect for you too. At most times, the feel of the villa is private and that you are the only person checked-in especially if the other guests are traveling.

Villa Palma Swimming Pool

The swimming pool, though not designed to be an infinity type, was still is eye-catching and alluring. First glance of it would make you want to touch it as if you were hypnotized by its charm. It’s really enchanting and makes you want to swim at it all day long. It’s absolutely picture-perfect. Add a few decorations while you swim like a flamingo floater, then is a perfect spot for your photo shoot.  The place is totally Instagrammable!


Villa Palma Experience

After our Day 2 tour with Bali Customized Tours coming from Tanah Lot Temple, our guide drove us to our villa where we will stay for two nights, Villa Palma. He knew the place very well but we had a bit of a hard time finding the place as it’s starting to become dark. Plus the road to the villa was being constructed so we had no choice but to walk a bit further down to find the villa.
For easier navigation, the villa is located beside Villa Nosara at No. 49.
When we found the villa, we went directly in and met our neighbors, Mel with her three months old lovely daughter, Tova, and Ashley with her lovely child, Kaia. We all chatted for a bit and made instant friends. They were expecting us because my name’s written on the bedroom set for us.
We were amazed by how efficient space was crafted for our bedroom and shower room. The room wasn’t too big but everything can be taken care of inside. There a lamp, a king-sized bed, a small table, and inside the bathroom were towels, a hot and cold shower with soap and shampoos.

Common Area, Swimming Pool

At the common area, we spent some time cooking and just relaxing or doing nothing. There is a drinking water dispenser, a microwave oven, a refrigerator, kitchen utensils and of course, the jars of Bali coffee, sugar, and rice. It was a complete treat, but well, we didn’t really expect we could make coffee ourselves while in the villa.
After taking photos of the swimming pool, we took a dip. The water was slightly warm so we were able to stay in the water for almost an hour or quite longer than that. We just enjoyed the pool area all for ourselves as our villa-mates are out for their journey. Never in my life, I have seen a villa looking this aesthetically good in the Philippines. There’s really a huge difference in architecture and lifestyle of Balinese people and Filipinos and it was quite a thought.

Visit at Seminyak

The next day, we woke up early to prepare breakfast and also to take a look around Seminyak. The fastest way to get there and a cheaper option is to book a GrabBike thru the Grab app. Bali has no direct means of transportation from going to one place or another that is why there are many motorbikes in the country and taxis. At Seminyak, we indulged ourselves to the food being served at The Junction House.
When we got back to the villa, we prepared dinner by cooking and buying the ingredients at a nearby convenience store. We also played with Tova and Kaia for a short time while their mothers are preparing their things before leaving the villa to meet friends. We, on the other hand, slept soundly after dinner as we also have to wake up early for our flight back to Manila.


Quick Recommendation

Jane and I  highly recommend you staying here. The villa is a quick walk to Samadi or Bali Buddha for organic eats. Give Cafe is nearby as well as the Crate Cafe! You can walk to the beach if you’re up for a 20-minute walk. The villa is exquisitely designed— aesthetically charming and a good worth for the price. It’s one of the best accommodations you can get in Canggu.

How to Book Villa Palma Canggu

Via Airbnb only

  1. If you don’t have an Airbnb account yet, make sure you register via this link so you could get a discount for your stay. Click this link to registration portalThe discount coupon will only work on new accounts so make sure you don’t use an email that’s already registered to Airbnb.
  2. After registration, visit this link – BOOK THE VILLA HERE – and book your desired dates.
  3. The discount coupon will automatically apply upon checkout.



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