Whenever we go to a place that’s unfamiliar to us travelers, we first think of the accommodation and what kind of. Depending on our purpose in that particular place, we find ourselves torn between getting a hotel room where privacy and comfort are more concerned or a hostel room where there’s less privacy but totally not pricey.
We could totally relate to this as we are traveling more often than an average person does. How do we get to choose the right accommodation for us? When we were headed to Bacolod, there are few choices on where to stay but we are particularly looking for convenience, price, and great location. And so with those facts in mind, we settled to stay at Seda Capitol Central in Bacolod City.

Seda Hotels

Straight Up Bar

Seda Hotels is a chain of hotels that offers exquisite and unique experiences to its patrons and aims to offer incomparable accommodations in the heart of cities in the Philippines. Seda also means “silk” in Filipino language and with this, it has become their symbol to weaving and achieving excellent service and remarkable hospitality experience to travelers.
They have hotels located in Bonifacio Global City (Seda BGC), Quezon City (Seda Vertis North), Laguna (Seda Nuvali), Palawan (Seda Lio), Iloilo (Seda Atria), Davao (Seda Abreeza), Cebu (Seda Ayala Center), Cagayan de Oro (Seda Centiro), and Bacolod (Seda Capitol Central).

Seda Capitol Central Bacolod

This hotel in Bacolod where we stayed is located in the most convenient location ever and that’s one of the many reasons we loved it. It’s easily accessible and it’s nearby the most important landmark in Bacolod City, the Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol building. Not only that, transportation hubs and terminals are a few meters away from where it’s standing.
Seda Capitol Central Bacolod is also nearby the newest shopping mall in town, the Ayala Malls Capitol Central where we spent most of our time thinking about what to eat and where to go, well mostly we get to visit this place at night to look for what to eat for dinner.


Seda Capitol Central Bacolod Experience

We only are a few blocks away from where we stayed before heading to Seda Capitol Central Bacolod and we didn’t have a hard time finding where Seda Capitol Central is.

Check-In Experience

Our check-in experience was smooth. The front desk personnel whose name was Marie (not really sure but her name starts with M) was bubbly and kind plus she’s always on smiles. She told us that she was originally from Manila and made it to Bacolod because she had been married to an Ilonggo living in Bacolod. We did a short talk and after a few signatures and identification remarks, we were given our keys and wifi password.
We were also escorted to our room which was located on the seventh (7th) floor of the building. We normally don’t let the hotel staff take our stuff but he was insistent and it was a good thing still as my fiance wanted to let go of her bag. He escorted us to the room to make sure that we have successfully checked into our room and that there were no problems before he leaves.

Room Experience

The room we had was nothing kind of short. It has all the initial setup you could find in hotel accommodations and become also pretty special because of the views it offers from the inside.

It comes with a 40-inch television with cable channels which I love as I keep on browsing for movies to watch. We also have the coffee and tea making facilities for a morning (or evening) refreshment. The room also comes with a media hub or media panel so I could connect my laptop to the television without having to take a look and insert cables at the back of the monitor. I could just simply put my computer on the desk and connect it from there.
One thing I also love here is the addition of an executive desk (where the media panel is situated). I could easily work on my laptop and concentrate on it because you know, if I were to work in my bed, sleep would be a huge distraction. The views on this side are also lovely. It keeps the mind refreshed and free.
Of course, there’s also a mini-bar where you could get your drink but for a certain price, paid upon check-out. The complimentary WiFi in the room is also good as I have measured the speed. Connected to it gave me an 8 to 10 Mbps of internet speed on my phone.
Our bed was as comfortable as it should be. I really just wanna hang around on the bed and binge watch movies but we have errands to run. We had to go to Ayala Malls for dinner and get some food items as well on the nearby Bong-Bong’s pasalubong store where my favorite Piaya and Ube Piaya can be acquired. But when we’re back in the room, Jane immediately put her head on the pillow and slowly fell asleep.
Our ensuite washroom was also wide enough and comes with Sasy and Savy bath amenities (shampoo and conditioner, bath gel, and body lotion). It’s like a spa within your reach. Together with a hot shower, they make a perfect pair of bathing.


Swimming Pool at Seda Capitol Central

According to the front desk officer, the pool area is open up until 8:00 pm and is located on the second floor. However, we didn’t really get to experience the facility as it was raining hard that night and the water is so cold. I really would want to try it out for my sanity but since it was raining, we had a hard time deciding if we are to try the waters or not. We only thought of getting some photos for it.

The gym facility is located on the 8th floor and is open 24 hours. Same goes for the E-lounge where you could use the hotel’s computer to finish any work possible or browse the web.

Straight Up Bar at Seda Capitol Central

Straight Up Bar is the rooftop bar at Seda Capitol Central. The views in the area are amazing and this facility is a great place to hang-out. If it weren’t raining and if it wasn’t our last night in the city, we would have loved to spend a couple bottle of drinks in here.
The Straight Up Bar has indoor and outdoor sitting, a soothing and relaxing music, and a great selection of drinks and bar snacks.

Breakfast at Misto

Misto is the ground-level cafe-restaurant that Seda Capitol Central is proud about. This restaurant is open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm daily and presents a delectable selection of international to local cuisines and Ilonggo favorites. Ala carte menu is also available daily.
Arriving probably 5 minutes before the opening of the buffet restaurant, we get to see how the preparation is done. However, Misto was opened to guests at around 6:10 in the morning and during this time, the other viands are still in preparation. Good thing that there is plenty of food to choose from so we get to eat what we wanted. We had so much fun selecting what to eat for breakfast even though we’re a bit in a hurry as our flight back to Manila is within two hours.
We had superb experience at Seda Capitol Central and if there’s anything I would like to go back to, it’s the natural hospitality that the staff resonates to its guests. Their welcoming aura and love for their work are so evident you can feel it up until you head to your room.
So whether for business or for pleasure, I’m sure we’d love to go back and stay at this hotel again. It definitely exceeded our expectations I’m sure, so will you.


phone +6334 703 8888 / +6334 488 7100
fax +6334 703 8891