Container Turf is the latest and hippiest food park/place in the south, and so far, the only food park in Aguirre, BF Homes.
It has been established by the former PBB housemate Jonvic Monsod together with five (5) other friends, him being the Chief Operating Officer. Currently, there are about 25-30 stalls in the area offering different dish and delis foodies would truly love and enjoy.


Container Turf -
One unique thing about Container Turf is that every stall has their own surprise and a different kind of food to serve. Every concessionaire is different from one another so they could offer the widest variety of dishes possible.
Here are the dishes and stalls I personally tried. For these 3 dishes in 3 different stores, I only spent P500.00 and I’m super full for the night!

1. Rumah Makan

Nasi Goreng Special – P195.00

2. Tokyo Tempura

Imperial Tempura – P155.00

3. Swig and Guzzle

Blueberry Mojito – P150.00

Container Turf aims to be the hippest of all food parks, hence, if you will notice and if you already have been to the area, most of their color coordination are pastel colors and orange and teal combinations.

The food stalls include a wide variety of dishes from all around the world. Stores are different from one another. There’s Japanese, Singaporean, Chinese, Mexican, Arabian, Filipino, Italian, seafood, desserts, and other more food variants.


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Some of the food we ate together with friends.

If you want to go their place, here’s how.

How to get to Container Turf

Easiest commute: From Alabang Town Center, ride a jeepney heading to BF Homes (either Las Piñas or SM Southmall).
Drop off at Wilcon Depot. Across the store is a tricycle terminal. Tell them to drop you off at Container Turf in Aguirre. Tricycle costs 35 pesos.
By Car: Use Waze instead. 🙂 Since BF Homes is an exclusive community, let them know that you are going to Container Turf in Aguirre and you shall be given a gate pass. Parking fee is P40.00 only.

Container Turf

Contact Information
238 and 240 Aguirre Avenue
BF Homes
Paranaque City
Facebook Page
Instagram: @containerturf
Operating Hours
Monday to Sunday
4:00pm – 2:00am



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