Social media influencers seem to be living the life. From jet setting to various parts of the globe to living luxuriously in hotels, it appears that influencers have everything figured out. Most even get complimentary travel and upgrades that make their trips worthwhile.

If you dream of getting upgrades and even a free trip, thinking – and even acting – like an influencer might be your best course of action. Apart from working with a brand you love and look up to, it also gives you a chance to see the world with your finances intact. Whether your trip is coming soon or months away, now is the time to take influencer-based actions.

Want to score free travel and upgrades? Take a cue from your favorite social media savvy personalities. Check out some of their tricks below.


How Influencers Get Complimentary Travel & Upgrades

They Partner With Brands They Love

If you take a quick look at their feed, influencers tend to work with brands they align with and that they already love. This means that they have used the brand’s products and or services in the past and wish to continue doing so.

These collaborations serve as a means for brands to reach a wider audience. By being associated or linked with an individual with a huge following, brands expand their horizons and cater to a certain group. By partnering with brands and companies they trust and look up to, influencers make meaningful connections.

Provide Visibility And Engagement

Whether they’re going to a local destination or traveling abroad, influencers who are dedicated to their ‘job’ never fail to provide engagement and visibility to their following. From showing their accommodation to documenting every step of their travel, they are updating their followers almost every step of the way.


Comments, responses, and even Instagram stories can initiate action, movement, and a sense of realism for your followers. Successful personalities who are committed to their people tend to answer queries from their audience despite their busy schedules to show their dedication. You may look at this Instagram followers app to know more as well.

Pitching The Partnership

It’s different when brands or companies contact you, as with the case of influencers. So, it might be challenging when you are on the other side of the coin. Rather than waiting for them to notice what you do, some personalities make a run for it and pitch their possible partnership or sponsorship for free travel and or upgrade.

However, what you don’t see on the ‘gram is the way these people work. Apart from doing intensive research on the vision and mission of the company, these individuals also delve into the overall image and the possible events and angles they could provide for the company. Say for example a hotel is opening a new restaurant or a new wing, some influencers grab that chance to share this new happening to their fans.

When pitching, remember to tailor your media kit and to study well. After all, preparation is half the battle.


Staying True To Themselves

Above all, these social media personalities get these gigs and even free trips and upgrades precisely because they stay true to themselves. They do this by staying in niches where they perform particularly well. For example, travel bloggers and vloggers that specialize in travel and lifestyle content do not venture into areas where he or she does not specialize in, such as architecture.

Fans are smart, so they notice anything that seems out of the ordinary. This may also lead to confusion. If personalities promote something extremely out of their niche, followers will most likely notice. Further, this can garner negative engagement.


Add Brands On Social Media

It is important to make sure that brands know you have been following them. Influencers make it a point to follow travel agencies, airlines, and even hotels on their different social media platforms. This action alone indicates a sense of loyalty and support.

Brands and agencies do their homework as well, and this means checking socials. If they don’t see you following them or their pages, they might as well pass on your pitch or request.

The Bottom Line

Traveling like an influencer does not have to cost an arm and a leg. If you are gearing up for new adventures in 2020, try your hand at these nifty ideas. You might just be able to get an all-expense paid trip and upgrade.