Is the pandemic starting to take a toll on your mental wellness? From health fears, financial difficulties, to feelings of isolation, there are a ton of problems that might leave you feeling distressed. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health.
To date, as the world struggles to cope with the threats of the COVID-19, it is no denying that people are more susceptible to increased levels of stress and anxiety. In fact, many health experts are already predicting mental health to be the next big health crisis.
With all these happening, knowing how to boost your mental wellbeing amid the outbreak is only necessary. Here, we have rounded up five mental wellness tips that can help you get through the lockdown. Check them out below!

5 Mental Wellness Tips While in Isolation

Create a daily routine

Believe it or not, maintaining a day-to-day routine while stuck at home is a step closer to maintaining a healthy lifestyle – both physically and mentally. Often, when we develop a daily routine, it helps us feel more in control of everything.
To date, with the uncertainties and doubts brought forth by the pandemic, a routine can serve as an anchor that will keep us from feeling loss. In addition to this, keeping up a day-to-day must-dos can boost our productivity and help us form healthy habits that will benefit both our minds and bodies.


Of course, no list of mental wellness tips could ever be complete without the mention of exercise. As you might have already heard, engaging in physical activities goes beyond the promise of having a healthy physical body. In fact, aside from burning fat and improving skills and agility, exercising contributes significantly to achieving a healthier mental state.
Specifically, when you put your body at work, the natural response of the brain is to release so-called happiness hormones, such as endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin, to help reduce your perception of pain. These natural chemicals trigger positive feelings in the body, thereby making you feel more relaxed and positive about yourself.


Turn to Virtual Therapy

As the name suggests, this refers to a type of therapy done virtually. Under such a type of practice, a person is to enter a virtual world that is specifically designed to increase his exposure to negative stimuli and help him overcome his fears, anxiety, and addictions.
To date, since home quarantine and social distancing is being strictly implemented, virtual therapy is considered to be among the most ideal types of treatment one can turn to for mental wellness. Since the practice relies on the use of technology, anyone can use it even when limited to confined spaces.
Now there are a number of virtual therapy apps that enable users to take care of their mental wellness without the need to go out. Among the most popular of these platforms include Youper, Moodpath, and Talkspace.

Get a Hobby

Of course, spending time on an activity that you greatly enjoy can help boost your wellbeing – both physically and mentally. Knowing this, getting back to an old hobby or developing a new one can help you cope up with the stress and anxiety brought forth by the COVID-19 lockdown.
Not only could this help you kill some time while stuck at home, but it can also keep your mind off things that stress you the most.


Generally, since meditation serves as a popular practice especially beneficial for reducing stress, trying it out during the pandemic can benefit your mental health tremendously. When you meditate, you normally sit or lie comfortably, breathe naturally, and clear the mind.
Naturally, the goal of meditation is to purify the mind and focus on being in the present. This helps to achieve relaxation and inner peace. Since the pandemic is generally described to be a stressful time, meditating can help you reduce stress, control anxiety, and feel more relaxed.
Fortunately, to date, there now comes a wide range of mobile apps designed to assist people in their meditation. Among the best bets you have include Inscape, Calm, and  Aura.


The Bottom Line

Feeling down or upset is normal. But with the current condition the world is facing, such emotions can be overwhelming. Feel free to follow these 5 mental wellness tips to help you get through the lockdown. For better assistance, contact mental health experts like those at BetterHelp today!