As the world enters a new normal, more and more individuals have been shifting the way they see work. People have been turning to remote work not only to steer clear of traveling, but also as a way of earning money while still spending time with the people that they love. 

Thankfully, job search platforms such as Monster Jobs provide people access to a wide range of remote job positions available wherever they may be in the world. From sales representatives to medical coders, remote work is now accessible in virtually almost any industry. 

If you are thinking of making a career – or location – shift, applying for a position that welcomes remote work via Monster Jobs would be your best bet. Take a look at how you can utilize this option during your job search. 


What is Monster Jobs?

Simply put, Monster is a job search platform which allows hopeful applicants to apply to their desired position, company, or job title by hosting numerous positions and titles from employers and firms around the globe

It pioneered the digital recruitment business in 1994. Today, Monster offers its platform to more than 40 countries by working with varied digital, social, and mobile solutions. 

What is Remote Work?

Now that you know more about Monster and how it operates, you may be wondering about the concept of remote work and how it could benefit you. 


Cambridge Dictionary defines ‘remote work’ as a type of situation in which an employee works from home and communicates only with his or her employer via phone or email. In other words, this type of arrangement functions as an alternative to traditional office-based work with the help of technology.

The appeal of working remotely stems mainly from a number of factors, including promoting work-life balance as well as enhanced productivity. Employees also enjoy saving money on travel, their commute, and food, as well as other similar expenses. 

Moreover, this type of arrangement also allows workers to enjoy more time with family. Even companies enjoy this type of arrangement primarily because it entails less overhead costs, especially when it comes to office supplies, office space, and even electricity. 

Filtering for Remote Work Jobs 

To help you filter jobs that offer remote work positions, it’s always best to create an account with Monster first. This way, you can find more suitable positions that fit your specifications. 


To start, head to You may either upload your resume and have the platform create your profile based on your document or simply register by filling out the relevant information. If you opt for the latter, you’ll be required to provide your name, employment, work experience, and the like.

After creating a profile, you are now free to look for jobs, positions, or companies by utilizing the search bar and filtering these to your desired outcomes. To do this, simply click on ‘Filter’ located on the upper left part of your screen to filter your search. 

Under ‘state’ and ‘city,’ type in the locations where you wish to find work. Then, under the ‘related job titles’ part, place ‘remote.’ You may also add a particular position, such as a CPA or social media manager, to this field as this can bring about better results. 

The search will yield results available in your area and the type of jobs or positions you can apply for. You can also create job alerts for your desired positions. 

Types of Remote Work Jobs Available

There are a wide variety of remote work jobs available through Monster. These include different industries and sectors ranging from writing and education to medicine and even software development. 

Of course, this goes without saying that call centers are also highly in demand, alongside telemarketers and even translators and underwriters. These days, more and more licensed medical professionals are also highly sought after. 

Qualifications for these positions vary depending on your experience and credentials. For writers, translators, and even those in the software development field, applicants must have a portfolio of past work to complement their resume. Meanwhile, some positions may require master’s degrees. 

The pay range for these positions also vary. For example, graphic designers make an average of $50,370 per year. Web developers, on the other hand, garner around $69,430 a year.

The Bottom Line

Now that you see the appeal of working from home, you might want to give Monster Jobs a peek to find remote work positions that you not only qualify for but ones that you also enjoy. Who knows, you might just find that working from home is a new trend that’s here to stay.