Even though the job as a beta reader isn’t as popular as some professions, this is a pretty decent career in the literary field. A beta reader is responsible for providing insights of a reader for an unreleased literary work. The role is simply giving feedback from the point of view of a reader. 

Unlike editors, beta readers are not professional and can only provide comments and opinions as an average reader. They can suggest better plot, consistency, and pacing to the author to improve the literary work. With this, the author can make the necessary adjustments to improve the work. 

Are you interested in being a beta reader? Read on to know the job description, salary range, and qualifications of being a beta reader. We’ve compiled the websites that could help you find job opportunities in this field. 


Responsibilities of a Beta Reader

The role of a freelance reader is integral for writers and authors because they can provide insights for improvement. Simply put, unlike professional editors, beta readers look at key points like the pacing of the story, plot, and the development of characters. 

Moreover, these people offer a way to make the story better, by guiding the authors on what feels relevant or not, or if the novel lacks substance. Many writers hire beta readers to get honest feedback from an average reader and see if the chapters are gripping or boring. 

Some of the responsibilities of a freelance reader include the following.

  • Provide insights on the overall reading experience
  • Explore the plot and provide feedback on the author’s writing style
  • Understanding the characters and their roles in the story
  • Comment on confusing parts of the story
  • Provide ways to resolve conflicts

How to Be a Beta Reader

Usually, beta readers get their hands on an unreleased manuscript due to their connection to writers or authors. If you have a wide network, chances are, you can find a number of writers who need help with their literary work. 

If you’re just starting in the field, there are a few tricks to getting paid for reading a novel. One is joining a reading or writing community. These communities can be found online and in different social media platforms. 

Critique groups, online forums, and Google+ communities welcome newbie members who can provide insights for a number of literary works. In addition, there are some websites dedicated to finding beta readers for fiction and nonfiction works. 

Finally, if you know a writer, you can possibly widen your network by offering your services. Through word of mouth and recommendations, you can get clients easily. It would help to create an online portfolio that showcases your contributions to some writers. 


To qualify as a beta reader, you don’t need a lot because you won’t provide professional feedback to authors. By simply having a Bachelor’s degree and attending some workshops in literary criticism, you can easily apply for a beta reading job. 

Where to Get a Job

As mentioned, you can join groups and forums to widen your network and find a job as a beta reader. In addition, there are websites that concentrate on freelance readers like Gregenslen and Writer Full Books. 

Aside from these websites, you can also find job opportunities at Upwork, Fiverr, Zip Recruiter, and Indeed. Usually, these opportunities are freelance jobs and you only get paid once you finish a number of books. 

Salary Range and Other Benefits

For freelance beta reading opportunities, the rate is between $50 to $100 or higher, depending on the client. The number of pages or word count also matters in the decision because some books are longer than the others. 

For regular positions, the average salary for beta readers is $82,831 annually. Some of the benefits include getting your hands on the unreleased novels and getting free access to events like book signing and getting the printed book


Being a beta reader is a decent job because you can read unreleased works and provide insights to authors. While the job isn’t complicated, providing insights and feedback that may help the writer is required. 

Check out the mentioned websites to find job opportunities and make a living as a freelance reader.