If you and your family are looking for a grand vacation, we can definitely say Canada is one of the best destinations you can ever choose from. From city landscapes to crystal clear lakes, and snow cap mountains, to fine jungles and forests, Canada will be the best vacation you and your family will ever have.
Canada has been long known for its gentle people as the country has one of the highest numbers of immigrants from around the world. Being a multicultural country, the Canadians have learned to adapt and give respect to any country, thus, making it also one of the countries with the friendliest people.
These things about Canada are one of the reasons why people choose to take their vacation or stay here even when the country has strict visa restrictions. If you want to know about the proper documents you need, you can get more information at
Now, let’s get down to the best places to spend your vacation in Canada.

1.   Niagara Falls

Photo by Vishwesh Jirgale on Unsplash

If you are coming from the US and or other countries, you probably have heard about the famous Niagara Falls which is only a bridge away from the border of the United States of America.
Niagara Falls is not just one waterfall but a group of three waterfalls at the southern end of the Niagara Gorge between the borders of Ontario and New York in the United States.
The Niagara Falls has formed from a glacier thousand years ago and is very well known for the natural beauty it possesses. Rainbows can be seen from each side as the light reflects from the droplets of water that’s coming from the falls, a view you cannot replace. The energy that’s coming from the waterfalls gives off a huge amount of hydroelectric power making it one of the most important electric sources in the area.
How to Get there:
Getting to Niagara Falls has been made a lot easier. Thanks to the efforts of both Canada and the United States. You can choose to go there using a private car, bus, or train. For more accurate information about getting there, please do check Niagara Falls Tourism website.

2.   Lake Louise

Photo by Sam Dawson on Unsplash

This lake is probably what you will always see in every guide to lake visiting in Canada. Lake Louise is only a small lake but with spectacular views and together with its emerald green crystal clear waters, your family vacation will truly be an awesome experience.
Lake Louise is situated at the foot of Mount Victoria in Banff National Park, Alberta. The sceneries in the area are not just the only thing you could do at Banff National Park but also because of the numerous outdoor activities you can do while staying there.
Canadians do love camping so that is already one. Add up paddle boarding, hiking, ice fishing, mountain biking, and more, will definitely make your national park visit worthwhile.
How to Get there:
You can get to Lake Louise via private car, bus, and rail, and is about a 90-minute scenic drive from Calgary. Shuttle buses are also available from Calgary International Airport to Banff and Lake Louise.


3.   Whistler

Photo by Mariana Rios Jasso on Unsplash

While Lake Louise gets more attention when it comes to lake visits, Whistler gets the attention as a must-visit resort town.
Talk about snowcapped mountain peaks, lakes, and waterfall, they say Whistler has it all and is one of the best places to spend your vacation every different season. The town, which is about 75 miles north from Vancouver has housed many dozen ski competitions and festivals annually.
Most of those who visit Whistler are people who are fond of outdoor adventures and activities. The warmer season makes it one of the best places for outdoor happenings as well such as biking, hiking, and bobsledding. This town also has plenty of museums and great art galleries to which is perfect for those who aren’t adventuring active folks.
How to get there:
You can get to Whistler by road using the bus, shuttle, private vehicles, and car rentals. The closest airport to Whistler is Vancouver International Airport and from there you can take a scheduled shuttle bus or rent a car to Whistler.

4.   Ottawa

Photo by Chelsey Faucher on Unsplash

Your ultimate Canada vacation won’t be complete without a visit to Ottawa, Canada’s capital. Ottawa is known as the best home for national museums and historical sites where you can know the full history of Canada and how it was from before.
Parliament Hill is one of the structures you must not miss when staying or visiting the town. What’s not to miss? The changing of the guards’ ceremony. At night, a light and sound show are displayed to which you can enjoy at your own pace, absolutely free.
Also, one of the better things to do in Ottawa is to walk at the Rideau Canal. Why? It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and truly a must-visit place in the area. During winter, this canal transforms into one of the world’s largest natural skating rink free for all.
How to get there:
You can get to Ottawa by rail, bus, train, and air. From Toronto, it’s approximately 4.5hrs drive. By air, you can get to the town by a mere 20 minutes drive from Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport.

5.   Jasper National Park

Photo by Davi Costa on Unsplash

If you are a person who looks for natural wonders in Canada, then Jasper National Park is the right place for you. These include mountains, glaciers, rivers, and lakes, and a various amount of activities as well.
Located in Alberta’s east coast, the national park is a gateway to many adventurers and travelers alike. It boasts many activities including mountain hiking, biking, boating, and almost anything you can check on your list. Wildlife in the park is also huge making it a favorite place for photography enthusiasts and wildlife seekers.
How to get there:
You can get to Jasper National Park by car, bus, rail, and air. The closest airport is Calgary International Airport. For more transport information, you may refer to the Jasper National Park official website.
The list goes on and on as Canada is known for many natural wonders. If you and your family are planning for a vacation, make sure you are prepared for all the adventures that can take place anytime, anywhere in Canada.