Vinapor Blue Water Resort (Vinapor Cave Pool)

One of the things that amazes me so much when thinking about going to Siargao, is also the chance to take side trips along the way. We researched for possible places we could visit in Butuan or near the area. So before we headed back to Manila from our seven days trip in Siargao and having a two days stay in Butuan, we took the chance to visit the Vinapor Blue Water Resort located in Vinapor, Carmen, Agusan Del Norte. It is also where the Vinapor Cave Pool is situated.

Staying in Butuan City

Jane and I also had a good experience in Butuan City. Our host, from our Airbnb accommodation, was really awesome and kind. She let us extend our stay for a few more hours. Our flight will be at around 6:30 PM and our check out is supposed to be by 12pm that day, yet she let us stay until 3:30 PM.
If you ever had the chance to stay in Butuan City, do not hesitate to book them via this link:
For up to $40 discount, please register using .
They had complete amenities (utensils, cookware, kitchenware), in-room bathroom (hot and cold shower), air conditioner and electric fans, refrigerator, a water filtration system for drinking water, and the place was guarded with a security personnel. The room we had was Room 4, and the biggest of all the rooms being rented.
It has exceeded our expectations so we are happy we booked that room. Please send our regards to Ms. Marivic. We really felt being at home.

Getting to Vinapor Cave Pool

From Butuan City, you need to ride a tricycle and tell the driver to bring you to the terminal.
Fare: PHP 8 each
At the terminal, make sure the jeepney or multicab is bound to Carmen or Vinapor or heading to further destination but is passing by Carmen. Drop-off at the terminal or in front of Tagcatong Elementary School.
Fare: PHP 30 each
Travel time: 2 to 2.5 hours
From terminal, hire a habal-habal going to Vinapor Blue Water Resort or Jurassic Beach (the resort is also known as Jurassic Beach Park or Jurassic Beach).
Fare: PHP 150 for two (one-way) or sometimes Php 200 back and forth.
Travel time: 20 minutes
If you need a habal-habal driver ready from terminal to Vinapor Blue Water Resort, you may contact Kuya Randy at 09109731436.


Vinapor Blue Water Resort

Entrance to Vinapor Blue Water Resort: Php 35 each
Entrance to Vinapor Cave Pool: Php 100 each
We arrived here past 11 AM so we didn’t get to explore so much of the resort but we definitely had the chance to visit what we are aiming for, the Vinapor Cave Pool. We spent our time in the cave pool alone.
The Php 35 entrance fee will be paid to the guard, while the Php 100 each will be paid at the cave pool caretaker.

Why is the cave blue? Vinapor Cave Pool

Arriving at noon, we definitely witnessed why the cave is blue. Before you enter the cave, you would see a blue roof, and that is what entirely covers the cave from direct sunlight. The light that is absorbed by the roof is what makes the cave look blue in color.
Mind you, the water is cold. The pool is also about 3 or 3.5 feet deep only and is small. But totally the best spot for your photos. What makes it different is because it’s a real cave with a pool inside in it.
Water in the pool also reeks or treated with chlorine. Upon entry to the cave, you will definitely smell the chlorine substance but not as strong so it’s still safe to swim around.
Around the Vinapor Cave Pool, they created chairs you can seat on made of cement and covered in tiles. During our visit, we were the only people in the cave so we had so much time in taking pictures at the cave. If we are not about to head to the airport within the day, we would be spending a couple hours in the resort.
After almost an hour and a half, we decided to go back to Butuan because we are supposed to be checking out. We are glad that the caretaker was really kind.

Going back to Butuan City

From Vinapor Blue Water Resort, we contacted Kuya Randy to pick us up at the resort and back to the terminal.
Fare: Php 50 each (Php 100 total)
At the terminal, we decided to eat for lunch first before taking the next trip to Butuan City. Our food only cost us about Php 40 each.
From Terminal to Butuan City, the travel time is again 2 to 2.5 hours and fare is Php 30 each.


Where to Stay in Butuan City

Aside from the Airbnb accommodation we had earlier, here’s also a short list of where to stay in Butuan City for your adventure.

  1. Butuan Grand Palace Hotel 

  2. Almont Inland Resort

  3. Hotel Oazis

  4. Dotties Place Hotel and Restaurant


  5. My Dream Hotel

  6. Almont City Hotel 

  7. Gloreto Guest House

  8. Yhotel Butuan

  9. Go Hotels Butuan

  10. Balanghai Hotel and Convention Center



Vinapor Cave Pool

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