If you are the one who likes touring a less crowded side of Italy, then Puglia is the right place for you. Located in the South of Italy, also known as the heel of the Italian boot, Puglia is a place filled with architectural beauty, heritages, diverse culture, scenic vineyards, and flower fields. Tours to Puglia start with arriving at the famous Bari airport. From there, you get to choose where your next destination is.

The UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Puglia

If you are after a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Puglia has three of them. The first and most visited one is the Castel del Monte, a fortress built by Frederick II in 1240. It has a magnificent view sitting on top of a hill which is 1772 ft above sea level.

You will notice quite instantly the stone huts with cone-like shapes in Alberobello, Puglia. You guessed it! These are called Trulli’s and are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the region. These dry stone huts are famous around the Alberobello region and a sight to behold of the past.
The third site is Monte Sant’Angelo. This eye-catching historic town is also a pilgrimage destination. Touring this town takes you back to the old days. A Puglia bike tour lets you see all these sites with a breeze of sea wind on your hair. Going around the region, passing the flower and wheat fields, you will feel as if this is the best tour in Puglia.

Traditional fishing culture

Fishing is one of the essential livelihoods of the people of Puglia, with Trani being the most historic fishing port of the region. While at it, you can also explore the sites like the Chiesa di Ognissanti or the Church of the Templar Knights located in the port town. It was built in the twelfth century. Besides the church, the San Nicola pilgrim cathedral also serves as a spectacular viewpoint from the seashore town.


The delightful summer vibe

If you are a sea lover, summer is the best time to visit Puglia. Offering the world-famous holiday resorts surrounded by majestic limestone cliffs, Polignano a Mare is the place to be in Puglia during summer. The clear waters, sandy beach, and picturesque sea and town view make the journey worthwhile. Along come the famous freshly made dishes and wine to complement your trip even more.

The bread and wines

While traveling, you must try out the durum wheat bread, famous for its unique and authentic taste. Taking its name from the Latin poet Horace, the bread is made using durum wheat grains that only grow in Bari, Puglia.

It would be best if you also didn’t miss out on tasting some Italian wines, with Puglia wines known to have a distinctive taste of their own. Just tag along with one of the Puglia winery tours arranged by the vineyards and indulge in wine-tasting paired with famous mozzarella cheese; reason enough to make Puglia your next travel destination.