I’m sure that almost everyone who visited Osaka never missed the exhilarating Universal Studios Japan! Who doesn’t want to experience the thrilling rides, the diverse culture, the great scenery, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Everyone sure does still has the little kid in their own, right?
Which is why I never missed the chance to come back here once again and experience the Universal Studios Japan with my now fiancee, Jane! universal studios japan

Universal Studios Japan (Osaka)

Universal Studios Japan (Osaka) | Experience with KKday

Previously, when I went to Japan with my friends,  we did not look into the option of buying a ticket online for Universal Studios entry. Finding out how convenient it was, we bought a ticket via KKday, an online booking platform that offers activities at a discounted price.

How to purchase Universal Studios ticket online via KKday?

It’s one of the many things that are often asked from me, but how do I get to book such a cheap ticket?
1. Go to this page – Universal Studios Japan Ticket.
2. Select the date of your visit.
3. Input how many people are needed to be booked for a ticket.
4. Click Book now, then sign-in and pay. universal studios japan
With your ticket printed or scanned from your phone, you can use the barcode from your order and pass so quickly to get inside Universal Studios Japan. Yes! Just scan and enter! You don’t need to fall in line to exchange the ticket somewhere else and fall in line again for entry. That’s how convenient it was!
Universal Studios Japan (Osaka) | Experience with KKday


Universal Express Pass

One thing though that I would really like to suggest to you is to buy the USJ Express Pass that they offer. With the USJ Express Pass at hand, you can skip the long lines and head straight directly to the attraction of your choice, unlike with the regular attraction ticket where you will have to wait long hours from 1 to 2 hours, just to get a ride. Waiting is the most dreadful thing to do.
Universal Express Pass costs a little more but you get to save so much time you can probably experience all rides within the day! Check out these USJ Express Passes and enter the express pass of your choice.
Universal Studios Japan Ticket & Universal Express Pass
Remember, USJ Express Pass is the most convenient and time-saving option if you hate waiting in line!

 Here’s what we were only able to ride on using our USJ Regular ticket.

See my previous list of worth-riding attractions in Universal Studios Japan.

1. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in 4K3DUniversal Studios Japan (Osaka) | Experience with KKday

As a Harry Potter fan, I never would want to miss out on riding this epic ride even if it takes me long hours of waiting in line. I mean, dude! This is gonna be the second time I am riding Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey but the excitement was still there! Who’s a kid who doesn’t like magic and fantasy stuff? We all do Universal Studios Japan (Osaka) | Experience with KKdayright?!
So in this ride, we were in line for I think one hour and a half before getting a ride. The line was actually much faster than the last time I rode in it where it took us almost two and a half hours. So yeah, if you could get the Universal Express Pass, that will really help save you a lot of time!
PS: Never forget to buy the Butterbeer!



Even though old and classic, JAWS was still one of the best shark movies ever made. They created a ride to experience the JAWS setting in a span of short time. The boatman or the guides are well-trained and they make the ride more thrilling with action and suspense. I don’t understand them though, because they speak Japanese, but nonetheless, we still enjoyed the ride.
In this ride, I think we were in line for about 30 mins only. The like was fast as the ride could accommodate more than 50 people per ride.Universal Studios Japan (Osaka) | Experience with KKday
This photo here is after we rode the JAWS and is at the souvenir shop. We weren’t able to take a photo at the giant shark section, but yeah, it was a pretty awesome experience.

3. Backdraft

Our first Backdraft experience was horrible and a complete waste of time (it was an experience on how the explosions and fire in a movie were created) but this year’s Backdraft (Halloween special) was extremely awesome!
Universal Studios Japan (Osaka) | Experience with KKday
This year’s theme was about zombies. After a few minutes of how the zombie breakout happened, it was time to really experience being in the zombie field and you have to work your way out of the maze-like area filled with zombies! It was an exhilarating and so-much-fun experience as Jane didn’t really like being hunted down by zombies or anything that scares the crap out of her. It was really fun! Kudos to the team!
We waited in line for about 30mins as well. They accommodate large groups so the line doesn’t stay that long.

4. Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

I know most of you are a fan of the cute little yellow minions, but I am not. I just wanted to try it out for the ‘fear of missing out’ but honestly, this is not worth our time. Kids may have enjoyed this but will eventually get dreaded by the amount of time you would expend just to experience a ride.

Universal Studios Japan (Osaka) | Experience with KKday
Minion Mayhem Souvenir shop

Don’t get me wrong, the ride was okay but not my type and for me, it’s not worth the long wait which we could have used for other and more thrilling rides.
For this particular ride, we waited for more than 3 hours! I really suggest that if you’d like to experience this ride, prepare yourself with a lot of patience or avail the USJ Express Pass.

5. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man – The Ride 4K3D

Universal Studios Japan (Osaka) | Experience with KKday
Ah! My favorite superhero, Spider-Man! This is a classic Spiderman setup with the new 4K3D technology. Voted as one of the best rides for how many consecutive years. On our visit, I was finally able to catch a ride in it and believe me, it was awesome! A great ride, unlike Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. Lol!
I’m sure you would enjoy riding this especially if you are a Marvel fan or if you know the old story of Spiderman.
We waited for about 30 minutes in here. The line was surprisingly fast.


6. Terminator 2: 3D

The last ride or attraction we were able to hop on was Terminator 2: 3D. This year though is not about terminator. It was about Sadako (of The Ring) for their Halloween Special. It’s quite good for my taste and I also enjoyed it. I am really enjoying when Jane is getting the fright, lol. Maybe that’s just the way the boyfriends are? 🙂
Universal Studios Japan (Osaka) | Experience with KKday
We waited for only about 20 mins as this attraction is like a cinema that can accommodate large groups.
So yeah, there you go! One whole day of fun for six (6) attractions! I really wished we availed the USJ Express Pass!
Note: I really wanted to ride the extreme ones like The Flying Dinosaur and Hollywood Dream – The Ride and Jurassic Park – The Ride but Jane didn’t like extreme rides like this. As much as I wanted to go by myself, I don’t want to leave her out just for the sake of me having fun while she’s waiting long outside. Well, for the next time I visit Universal Studios Japan, I will definitely give these rides a shot!



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