Jomalig Island, Quezon Province

Be enticed with the golden sand offering of this paradise and explore all its other little paradise – Jomalig Island in Quezon.
Contributed by:  Mark Roland Borabo Dela Cruz
9hours away from Manila, mas mabilis pa ang byahe bes kaysa sa pag-mmove on mo. Napaka sulit ng VL mo, partida dikit pa yan sa Restday mo. HAHAHHA 

Jomalig Island
Day 1

2am-6am ETD from Legarda to Ungos Port (Real, Quezon) **
7am-12pm 📍ETA Jomalig Island (Note: Boat leaves 6:30am and 10:00am) **
The rest of the day, swimming, ikot ikot sa resort. Prepare for lunch. We stayed at Banana Resort, Napaka bait ni Kuya Darwin, our contact and kay Nanay Nora at Tatang. Lahat ng gamit nila sa kitchen pinagamit samin. ** contact #”: 0910-052-7501 

Day 2

8am to 3pm – 📍Call time for Island Hopping
📍Island Hopping (kung gusto nyo)
Tourist spots: Kanaway Beach, Turtle Rock Formation, Sandbar, Lingayin Cove, Little Boracay. Jomalig island 2018
Mode of Transpo: Habal Habal 😂😆😙


Day 3

6am – 8am 📍 Enjoy the sunrise, swimming, bahala na kayooo 
☉ Yung balik ng bangka, 9am. First come first serve. Kaya kung ayaw maiwan, bilisan dapat. jomalig island beach resort
Fare –📍P 400 php From Legarda to Real Quezon (Back and Fort)
Boat ride- 📍P800 (back and fort) inclusion: free meal since 5-6hrs papunta to Jomalig
Island Hopping – 📍P 600 sulit na sulit bes
Environmental Fee- 📍 P 170.00
Land transfer from Port to Resort- P 70.00

ACCOMMODATION (Where to Stay in Jomalig):

Highly recommended BANANA RESORT. thumbs up. (May malapit pang sandbar sa Resort)👍🙌
Cottage : P 500php
Entrance: P 150php
Room: P500php


P 2500.00 – 3000.00 (all in kasama na mga other expenses)


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Jomalig Island TIPS:

If you need another place to stay,
ELLA BEACH Resort (Highly recommended)
•Kubo/Cottage Php 350 /night
•Entrance fee Php 100
Salibungot Beach
•Tent Pitching is 150 / 300
• 500 Kubo (good fo 5)
• 500 homestay (good for 2)
SPIR Beach Resort
• 500/night Kubo
• 500/night Cabana
•Bring extra money/cash. There’s no ATM on the Island.
•Electricity runs between 1pm-5am.

Must Visit Places in Jomalig Island (included in the Habal-habal tour):

»Salibungot Beach
»Lingayen (Little Batanes)
»Casuguran Golden Sands
»Alog Beach (Mini Boracay)
»Kanaway Islet
»Puno ng Walang Forever
Take Note of these Expenses:
Raymond Bus Fare: Php 198 x 2
Habal-habal/ Tricycle: Php 70
Kubo: Php 350-500 /night
Environmental fee: Php 170
Boat Ride: Php 400 x 2 with meal
Island Tour: Php 600/person (Habal-habal)
Food:  P100.00/meal
Tricycle: Php 10/head Going to Port from the bus stop and 35/head going to Raymond bus terminal from Ungos. (Max of 6 per tricycle)

Things to Note when Going to Jomalig:

1. Always bring extra cash. There are no ATMs in the island.
2. Wear sunblock every 4 hours for SPF 50 lotions. 2 hours for every 2hrs below.
3. Wear your best OOTDs. Bring anti-insect lotion.
4. There are homestays available on the island but you can also bring your own tent to make your stay and expenses cheaper.
5. Bring your own food to cook if you want but you can also rent some utensils and cookery stuff when you are on a homestay.
Honestly, you do not need to bring food because you can have a good meal for only P100.00 per person.
6. Take Bonamine one hour before the boat ride as it could get very bumpy.
7. Bring a blanket in case you want to sleep in the boat or anywhere in the island.
8. Waterproof your gadgets. If possible, bring a dry bag every time.
9. Bring your power bank. As mentioned earlier, electricity is from 5 pm to 1 am only.
10. Bring extension cords. You will need it. Jomalig island review
11. Leave no trace. Let’s preserve this paradise for our future generations.

How to Get to Jomalig Island

Note: You must already have a contact person on the island.
1. From Legarda Terminal, take Raymond Bus bound to Infanta, Quezon. Tell the counter you are going to Real, Quezon. Fare: P170.00
2.  From Real port, ride a boat bound to Jomalig. There are ports going to the other side of the island. If you’re heading to Salibungot Beach, ask directions for the boat to Salibungot Beach.
Fare: P400.00
Travel Time: 5 to 6 hours.
Tip: This is where you should take Bonamine.
3. Head on to your resort or homestay and enjoy the golden sands of Jomalig and this paradise!
Jomalig Island | DIY Budget Travel Guide 2018 | Itinerary | Tips | What You Need to Know -


Jomalig Island Itinerary (3D2N)


0000 – Meet up Raymond Bus (Legarda)
0100 – ETD Raymond Bus to Real, Quezon
0500 – ETA Real Quezon, Take tryc and drop off to Port going to Jomalig.
0800 – ETD to Jomalig island (Boat Trip 8AM Daily- Travel time takes 4-6hrs)
1400 – ETA Jomalig Island, Ride Habal-habal or Tricycle to Salibungot Beach
1420 – Salibungot Beach
1500 – Free time / Swimming / Explore Salibungot Beach
1700 – Prepare Dinner
1900 – Dinner
2000 – Socials
2300 – Lights off


0500 – Wake up call/ Watch Sunrise
0600 – Prepare Breakfast
0800 – Island Tour
1400 – Back to Kubo or Tent
1500 – Rest/ Swimming/ Photo ops
1700 – Prepare Dinner
1800 – Dinner
1900 – Socials
2100 – Stargazing
2300 – Lights off


0500 – Wake up call
0600 – Prepare Breakfast/ Breakfast
0800 – Pack up
0930 – Salibungot Beach/ Port
1000 – ETD Jomalig Port
1500 – ETA Ungos Port, Real, Quezon
1600 – Merienda
1700 – ETD Bus Going to Manila
2100 – ETA Legarda, Manila
Jomalig Island | DIY Budget Travel Guide 2018 | Itinerary | Tips | What You Need to Know -

Jomalig Island Tours / Packages

There are many recommended tour packages and operators for your trip to Jomalig Island. However, if even advised, it would still be a lot cheaper and practical if you will be going to Jomalig DIY way (do-it-yourself).