Summertime has come again in the Philippines and one of the most sought after areas for Filipinos during summer is Batangas. This province is an ideal location when you are in the lookout for beach properties and resorts as it lies in the coastal area of Luzon and most of all, it’s only around two hours drive from Manila, the busiest capital of the country. In the town of Calatagan, we found one of the best summer getaway place and beachfront resort, the Aquaria Water Park.

Aquaria Water Park in Calatagan

Aquaria Water Park boasts more than a half-kilometer of a beach area with an amazing structure of water park showcasing pools for all ages, kids, and adults. The water park also highlights a 3-story waterslide and cove pool looking like a beach in itself.

We had the privilege to stay for two (2) nights in the lovely Crusoe Cabins, Aquaria’s official partner for accommodation, good for couples, families, and groups. You could either indulge yourself in the beachfront accommodation or garden accommodation.

I highly suggest booking the beachfront accommodation as it is directly pointing to sunset in the afternoon on a good day. Imagine you are in the cabin, sipping your cocktail drink and relaxing at the porch while the sun is slowly going down the horizon. What a good life!



Things to Do in Aquaria Water Park

Aquaria Water Park is not just a simple beach resort as you can see. It has its own pool and cove pool plus a 3-story waterslide perfect for the adventurous you. There also a huge selection of water pools for the kids and kids-at-heart.

  1. Ride the water slide!

When you get inside the waterpark, you’ll immediately notice the high-rise structure at the middle of the resort, it’s a water slide! In order to be accommodated, you must be with somebody, a partner, a friend, or a stranger as they don’t permit riding if you’re only bringing yourself.
It’s a decent water slide that is really exciting as you go down along the pool that after that first slide, you’d be wanting for more. This water slide is available for everyone who is around 4 feet tall and knows how to swim.

2. Swim around in the pools

The waterpark boasts many swimming pools that are suitable for many guests. There will be a time where you can solo a spot and there’s also some time where you can get to be joined by many people. The swimming pools are perfect for all ages. Don’t forget to wear sunblock or sunscreen when you bask in the sun! For long-lasting sun protection, I highly recommend using Dermplus SPF 130 sunscreen.

3. Eat at the restaurant

If you have been tired from swimming all day long, make some time for yourself to eat and replenish lost energies from swimming with your buddies. You can order basically anything that’s in the menu. For an extra hot day, I recommend you drink the fresh fruit juices or a fruit shake as a greater option to reduce heat.


4. Rent a Kayak

Aquaria Water Park is not only a swimming type of water park but with lots of adventures as well. You can rent out a kayak (double seater) for PHP 400.00 ($4 USD) an hour. Go and kayak around the nearby sandbars or nearby resorts and check their beauty.

5. Rent a Pedal Boat

If you are seeking more adventures with friends, then the Pedal Boat is perfect for you. You can rent out a Pedal Boat for PHP 1,000.00 ($20 USD) good for 6 people with 1 hour of use.

6. Be thrilled by the Banana Boat ride

One of the best activities out there is the Banana Boat ride. You can avail of this adventure for PHP 2,000.00 ($40 USD) good for 8 pax, for 15 mins of a thrilling ride.

7. Ride the Jetski

If you’re feeling a little extravagant and even more adrenaline rush, you can surely rent the jetski for PHP 4,500.00 good for 1 hour of use. Go far, take an adventure yourself, but come back and make sure that the jetski is not damaged as the charges are higher than your rent.


8. Play Volleyball or Soccer with your friends

Sports and adventure always come close so there’s a field for beach volleyball and a grass field for your soccer needs. For only PHP 50.00 an hour, enjoy good sports with your friends or team!

9. Watch the sunset

One of the best things to do while in Aquaria Water Park is the no cost at all (free) activity, sunset viewing. The best things in life are free, including watching the lovely sunset by the beach.

10. Bonfire at night

If you are done with the activities and simply wants to chill by the beach, it’s best complimented with a bonfire during the night. Aquari Water Park has its own spot for the activity and best experienced with friends. You can bring your drinks along while you watch the bonfire and feel its heat on a cold summer night.

11. Simply relax at your cabin

You can opt for the Garden view or the Beachfront cabin when you are in Aquaria Water Park. If it’s too hot outside especially on a mid-day, just go back to your cabin and watch television from there. If you don’t want to go out during the sunset, feel free to watch it while on your bed.
The cabin accommodation comes with its own kitchen and sink and toilet and bath with hot and cold shower. It’s like staying in a hotel, but it’s a cabin.

12. Just have fun

The best thing to do in Aquaria Water Park is to just have fun. People go here for enjoyment, while some people seek beaches for recreation and silence. No matter kind of hardships you are going through with your life, just enjoy and always smile and laugh as it changes everything to positive! Learn to have fun even when you are alone and learn to have more fun when with friends!

Aquaria Water Park Rates 2019

Here are the current rates for Aquaria Water Park in Calatagan.
Aquaria Water Park

Entrance Fee (Access to Pool, Beach, and Shower)
Walk-In Weekdays Adult PHP 400.00 (Off-Peak) | PHP 600 (Peak)
Child PHP 200.00 (Off-Peak) | PHP 300 (Peak)
Walk-In Weekends/Holidays Adult PHP 600.00 (Off-Peak) | PHP 800 (Peak)
Child PHP 300.00 (Off-Peak) | PHP 400 (Peak)
Corkage Food Adult PHP 200.00
Child PHP 100.00
Corkage Drinks Local (max of 500 ml) PHP 200.00
Local (Above 500 ml) PHP 500.00
Imported (max of 500 ml) PHP 500.00
Imported (above 500 ml) PHP 1000.00
Small cans/bottles PHP 50.00
Corkage Lechon PHP 5,000.00
TOWEL for sale PHP 650.00
TOWEL rental PHP 50.00
Locker Rental PHP 150.00
Griller PHP 300.00
Cove Pool Cabana 8-10 pax PHP 1,500.00
Resort Pool Cabana 12-15 pax PHP 2,000.00
Beachfront Cabana 6-8 pax PHP 1,200.00
Boardwalk Cabana 10-12 pax PHP 1,700.00
Picnic Table PHP 300.00
Tables and Chairs PHP 200.00
Banana Boat Good for 8 pax (15 mins) PHP 2,000.00
Jetski 1 hour
30 mins
PHP 4,500.00
PHP 2,500.00
Kayak Double Seater 1 hour PHP 400.00
Pedal Boat Good for 4 pax (1 hour) PHP 1,000.00
Aqua Glide Good for 4 pax (15 mins) PHP 1,500.00
Paddle Board 1 hour PHP 600.00
Volleyball / Soccer 1 hour PHP 50.00

Crusoe Cabins (Accommodation)

Garden view Cabin

Crusoe Cabins is the partner of Aquaria Water Park for accommodations. These cabins are of high-quality and are designed to function as a complete accommodation without having the look of a typical room or hotel.
These cabins are also elegant-looking that’s why honeymooners are also hooked up to these accommodations in Aquaria Water Park especially the beachfront ones. It’s also surprisingly spacious on the inside, it’s like the tiny houses we see on TV.

The cabins are also fully air-conditioned and come with a mini bar, kitchen, toilet, and bath with hot and cold shower. The rooms can accommodate up to four (4) people.
You can book directly via their website but it’s more affordable when you book thru Agoda.


How to Get to Aquaria Water Park and Resort

From Manila, catch a bus going to Lian or Calatagan, Batangas, tell the driver to drop you off at the market.
From the market, hire a tricycle going to Aquaria Water Park.
From Manila, catch a bus heading to Batangas Grand Terminal.
From Batangas Grand Terminal, get on a bus heading to Calatagan. Tell them to drop you off at the market.
From the market, hire a tricycle going to Aquaria Water Park.
See also directions going to Manuel Uy Beach Resort, both resorts are adjacent to each other.


As a side trip or part of your adventure while in Aquaria Water Park, you can rent a boat to the nearest white sandbar in Calatagan.

Puting Buhangin Sandbar

The Puting Buhangin Sandbar is located a few meters away from the infamous Burot Beach but takes about 20 mins from Aquaria Water Park to get there via boat. While in the water park, you can rent a boat.
I’m not quite sure of the rates but I’m thinking it’s around PHP 1,000.00 to PHP 1,500.00.
You must not miss seeing this beautiful white sand bar in the area. You can spend a few hours or minutes in here depending on your capability to endure the heat of the sun.

Museo de Enrique Zobel

After your adventure in Aquaria, you can drop by one of the places to visit in Calatagam, the EZ Museum or Enrique Zobel Museum.
If you want to learn a bit about Calatagan’s history, you’ll definitely find that information here. Aside from that, you can get a piece of the life of one of the famous person in the country, Enrique Zobel and about his family.


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