Why Are CBD Hemp Bud Strains Like Sour Space Candy Popular?


While cannabidiol is merely one of over 100 organic elements comprising the cannabis plant, people are quickly becoming aware of its significance. It is particularly apparent with the remarkable physiologic advantages humans experience, including assistance with managing pain symptoms and anxiety.
Usage is continually rising as the demographic increases because there is a broad appeal for the newest options, especially – hemp flower buds in their raw form. Click through this link to see what is available.
You can consume and enjoy the products in any capacity without the fear of inebriation. A target audience specifically for CBD buds is forming for that very reason.

The Popularity Of Hemp-Based High CBD Strains

You will almost always find CBD and THC in some combination. Even if THC is barely there, the union of the two cannabinoids is genuinely one that is meant.
The two compounds play off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses quite effectively creating a complementing balance.  Experts concur that CBD might be at its greatest potential not only with THC, but with the full spectrum of components found in the flower.  Go to this link to learn why more Americans are smoking hemp flowers.
Unfortunately, until recently the hemp flower went through extensive processing to extract out CBD and manipulate the other elements to create the CBD oil products on the market.
Manufacturers are now finding a demand for the dried bud intact with its undeniable resemblance to marijuana. Genuinely the trend is stealing marijuana users because they can receive all the same enjoyment as they do with marijuana.
The positive is you also get overall wellness attributes with no fear of getting high or worry of adverse effects. View reasons CBD buds are experiencing such popularity.
Not all high CBD strains are “created equal.”  Each varies in strength, properties, and what those have the capacity to do. As someone just starting, you might choose something much more mellow and relax with properties beneficial in some way to symptoms associated with a condition you might need some help with. Among the more popular choices in these categories include:

  • The Sour Space Candy: The strain boasts a high potency with a CBD level averaging at 17% and THC lower than 1%. The name derives from the intense citrusy aroma along with the sharp cherry and candy apple taste. The effects boast beneficial in helping with symptoms from depression and anxiety.
  • The Cherry Wine: The flavors in Cherry Wine led you to believe you’re indulging in cheese and wine.  You can do so without any type of euphoric experience because the THC content is below 1%. CBD is near to 17%, allowing for wellness benefits. The suggestion with Cherry Wine is it helps with sore muscle symptoms and helps to relax the mind.
  • The Lifter: The CBD content with Lifter decreases slightly to approximately 16% with only trace levels of THC in the strain. The reactions to the aroma vary with some either really enjoying it and others not liking it at all. It’s one you have to try and see, simply a matter of personal preference. It has exceptionally relaxing qualities, but you won’t experience psychoactive characteristics.
  • The Elektra: Elektra is another strain with close to 16% CBD and low levels of THC, under a percentage. But there are results from reviews showing this strain with CBD going towards 20%. That tops every other option. Watch out Sour Space Candy.  The aroma notes to be astoundingly distinct.  That could be a good distinct or perhaps bad, but that is a personal determination. You can expect to become exceptionally relaxed from your experience, so this is a choice you might want to indulge in before going to bed.
  • Charlotte’s Web: The strain is a common choice, having its own fan base. It’s of a median level for CBD at approximately 13% with little THC. The popularity of the strain comes from the properties in it that are often seen in conjunction with many wellness and health products. It boasts specific benefits aiding with symptoms for anxiety and depression.  It gives no psychoactive reactions but instead calms and relaxes.

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The strains listed here are just a few of the popular, more mellow options that help to bring a sense of calm and relaxation. Someone starting new might want to begin with a more relaxing option at first and move on from that point. There are a wide array of strains waiting for you to sample.  Just take your time and follow with a doctor.