The World Health Organization has declared coronavirus to be a pandemic. Since then, numerous countries and cities around the globe have started to issue travel bans and restrictions. In fact, staying at home and isolating yourself has been called for both by health officials as well as governments. Because of this, more and more individuals are avoiding travel, including flying.

With the airline industry at the core of this crisis, you might have a difficult time changing your travel plans or even canceling flights. After all, the airlines themselves are dealing with an entirely new landscape. However, in light of all these cancellations, you should at least attempt to get a flight refund.

Getting a refund on flights can be challenging. Especially when you have purchased a non-refundable or non-flexible ticket. But did you know that there are still a number of ways you can try to get your money back?


 How To Get Flight Refund

How To Get Flight Refunds

Review Flights And Cancellations In Light Of The Travel Bans

Travel bans have been issued left and right, from Italy to Europe at large to the United States to even Australia and New Zealand. Many countries are imposing flight restrictions to urge individuals to self-quarantine and isolate for 14 days.

To check if your flight has been canceled and if you can are entitled to a flight refund, see if the airline has already issued a cancellation or refund for the said flight. Normally for these cancellations, passengers will be given the option to rebook their flights or get a refund. This is true even if they have booked a non-refundable ticket.

Cancel Within 24 Hours

Airlines usually provide free cancellations within 24 hours of booking. If your flight is at least seven days away, you may still get a refund with no cancellation fee if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking it. Other airlines have policies of holding the said reservation for a day and will make you pay first before refunding you the full amount.


Check The Airline’s Policy

In this special case wherein a pandemic has taken over the world, more airline companies are starting to waive their rebooking and refund fees. To see if you qualify, take a look at the airline’s terms and conditions page.

Call The Airline

In light of the travel bans issued by the United States, Europe, and other parts of Asia, different airline providers have issued a travel waiver or refund for individuals looking to cancel their flights or change their plans.

Three big names in the aviation industry in the United States, such as American Airlines, Delta, and United Airlines, have already issued these waivers for individuals traveling from March to May.

To get a flight refund, feel free to reach out to the airline through their hotline. You may also call them via their mobile number, website, or through their mobile app. If you course your refund request via the app or through the website, you may simply open a refund procedure and you’ll be redirected to the airline’s policy page.


Apps And Websites Aimed At Flight Refunds


AirHelp provides legal help in obtaining a flight refund and compensation when affected by travel bans and other circumstances. Their claims agents work with airlines to get you your refund by filing complaints on your behalf. The company will collect compensation only when customers have their compensation.

Flight Refund

Flight Refund is an online service provider that gives passengers access to refunds and compensation for flights that have been canceled or delayed. If your flight was affected by travel bans, you may claim compensation of up to 600 euros. However, company’s payment for these services amounts to 30% of the total compensation given.

Get Flight Refund

The Bottom Line

Staying at home and taking the necessary precautions is essential, which is why travel bans are currently in place. If you are experiencing the same dilemma when it comes to your flight and travel arrangements, make sure to peruse these tips so you can get a flight refund.