Although most photos are digital these days, you might have printed pics and documents you need to copy and apps to scan photos can help. Creating digital copies of printed photos and documents is made easy using photo scanner apps

With only a mobile device, you can scan and save old photos in your phone, cloud storage, and PC. The traditional method of scanning printed photos to a scanner and a computer is already outdated. Now, you can simply take a picture of a printed photograph and get a digital copy saved on your smartphone. 

If you are planning to create a digital album and photo archive, make sure to download a good photo scanner app. We have compiled the best apps to download using your smartphone, tablet or iPad. Read on to find out the best apps to use for scanning photos. 



Aside from scanning photos really well, the Shoebox app also lets users save photos on in the family tree. The app scans printed photos easily and has auto edge detection. Once the photo is scanned, you can add location, caption, and date. 

The Shoebox app is free and is available for iOS and Android devices. It offers unlimited free storage and has perspective correction technology to enhance the scanned photograph. Aside from cloud storage, users can also save scanned images to the mobile device photo gallery. 

Google Photoscan

One of the best photo scanner apps available today is the Google Photoscan app. Unlike other photo scan apps, Photoscan allows multiple shots of a printed photo to remove the glares automatically. The app detects edges and corrects the perspective for a higher quality scanned image. 


Photoscan integrates with Google Photos app, allowing users to save scanned photos in a cloud, free of charge. The app also supports auto-rotation so you don’t need to manually rotate scanned photos on your mobile phone. Overall, this app maintains better quality images when scanned.

Google Photoscan is free and available on both iOS and Android devices


If you’re looking for an app to scan multiple photos at once, the Photomyne app is best to use. The app does the same job as others but makes it quicker to scan and identify separate images in one shot. It is ideal for people who need to scan hundreds of printed photographs for archive. 

Photomyne automatically detects edges, crops, and rotates photos. Users can still make manual adjustments if needed and add names, dates, locations, and descriptions on photos. The overall accuracy of the app is good as it minimizes the amount of grain or noise. 


The app is free for Android and iOS devices but has in-app subscription. The Premium account costs $19.99 per year to access features like photo filters, photo sharing, slideshows, and more. 

Pic Scanner Gold

For faster photo scanning, download Pic Scanner Gold. The app has a great photo editor that gives you the freedom to enhance the scanned photos. From captions to date, names, and descriptions, users can enjoy a ton of ways to scan printed photographs. 

Just like other apps, Pic Scanner Gold automatically rotates photos, trim, and gives access to 19 image editor tools. The free counterpart, Pic Scanner, only allows up to 12 saves and shares, but the Gold version gives you unlimited scans and exports. 

With Pic Scanner Gold, you can share scanned photos to Dropbox, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and you can send using the Message app. The app is only available for iOS devices and costs $7.99 per download


CamScanner specializes in scanning documents but it also works well when scanning pictures. The app has a number of editing options to enhance the image. Additionally, users can also sync the file to different platforms and save it to the cloud. 

The app has a free version, which is already good enough for scanning photos and documents. The Premium subscription brings more abilities to edit OCR results, enable collaborations, and more cloud storage. The Premium subscription costs $4.99 per month, available for Android and iOS. 


There are a number of photo scanning apps you can download for your Android or iOS devices. Try the apps listed above and see which works best for you. Before going premium, get a feel of the free version so you know if upgrading to premium is worth it.