So, Club Ultima has called you or sent you a message telling you have won a raffle and you need to claim your 3D2N voucher in their office. You probably have read the first post as well – WARNING: Club Ultima / Crown Regency FREE Hotel Accommodation – A Professional SCAM – but you ‘re eager to know what you will be missing out if in case you did not attend one of their presentations.
What benefits do you get as a member of Club Ultima?
Here’s what our reader Mary Ojeda Isidro shared as she liked the membership benefits Club Ultima offered.

What benefits do you get as a member of Club Ultima?

“Everything you shared here is true except that these come from someone who did not attend the presentation and has no personal knowledge of the offer and terms and conditions of Club Ultima.
Anyway, I read this post too when I got the call telling me I won the raffle. But instead of using the warnings here for me not to attend (and miss out), I used the information you shared to get the free voucher without the booking fee, enjoy the free dinner, and buy my membership package because I like it and it is something I want to invest in.
So here’s a perspective from someone who actually attended the presentation and became a member of the Club Ultima.
First, I got invited the same way, but I knew fully-well that I did not win and it is just their marketing strategy to get me to attend. I agree to go on my free time and at a place close to me.
Second, I openly asked questions during the presentation with a real desire to know instead of being critical about it – is it a timeshare, do u have a secondary license to deal with securities, etc.?
Third, Joseph answers my questions honestly when he knows the answer and call Jun for those queries he didn’t know the answer to – it is not a timeshare, but a membership club like Manila Polo Club, and I was shown their SEC Cert and secondary license to deal with securities, etc.
Fourth, I was invited to have dinner before the offer so I ate what I want and skip the others (same mindset as the offers).
Fifth, it is a lifetime club membership in any of the 10 existing Crown Regency Hotels in the Philippines and future hotels to be built instead of just one venue.

Sixth, as a club member you get a membership certificate which entitles you to a flexible usage of your chosen room night privilege coupons (1 week, 2 weeks or 3 weeks) in any Crown Regency hotels or exchange your privileges for a stay in any hotels members of Interval International and Asian hotels with direct tie-ups.
Seventh, you can carry over your annual room night privilege to subsequent years if unused or advance it if you need more vacation time for the year.
Eighth, the membership certificate and your room night privileges are transferable and no expiry.
Ninth, membership fee is one – time (paid spot cash or installment) and there is an annual maintenance fee instead of monthly association dues.
Tenth, I asked them to waive the booking fee of P3,000 on my free voucher because I read the conditions and the agent did not tell me that there is a booking fee.”
If you liked the benefits enclosed for a member and you can pay the membership fee, then there’s nothing to worry about. If you can pay the amount required to be a member of Club Ultima, you can do so. This is a perspective totally different from the first post. Please do read the other comments on the first post as well for their personal experiences being a member or someone who has attended the presentation.
So, upon reading what benefits you could get as a Club Ultima member, what do you think?

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