Struggling to adapt with the new normal? Undeniably, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant changes to our daily lives. Knowing this, boosting our mind body connection becomes even more relevant to help us in coping up with these changes – both wanted and unwanted ones.

From strong feelings of stress, confusion, and anxiety, there comes a range of emotions that are likely to arise as we deal with lockdown. By improving our body-mind connection, this can help us respond to the trying time more effectively. Interested to know how?

Here, we have rounded up a few effective tips that can help you improve your mind body connection. By following such steps, this will help you become more conscious of your mind-body balance and use it to boost your wellness. Read on.


Mind Body Connection and Wellness – What’s the Relation?

Generally, the body and mind are closely linked. What happens to one will always affect the other. Specifically, one’s thoughts, feelings, and beliefs have their impact on that person’s biological functioning, and the condition of that person’s physical body also affects his mental state.

Starting to Get the Idea?

Perhaps, one of the best examples we can cite to explain this connection further is the “fight, flight, or freeze response.” As you might have learned in school, our bodies have a survival type of response, called the “fight, flight or freeze response.”

Specifically, when we perceive a looming threat, our brains turn into survival mode and releases stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. This explains why we immediately fight back, run, or hide, when a wild animal attacks us or when we see an approaching car in our direction.


Another possible example to the mind-body connection is how we react to physical injuries. When we are injured, we feel physical and emotional pain as well.

Often, psychologists use the mind-body connection to evaluate the condition of their patients. By helping people become aware of their mind-body connection, this will help them improve both their emotional and physical well-being.

Mind Body Connection Tips – How Improve and Maintain the Balance?

Generally, there are various ways to improve one’s mind body connection. Such efforts commonly include support groups, individual psychotherapy, hypnosis, and even meditation techniques.
Here, to help you boost your mind body connection, we have listed a few methods that you can use while still stuck in quarantine.

Take a Break

Even with the world in lockdown, jobs are still being maintained at home and day-to-day tasks are still being followed. With this arrangement, it’s easy to find yourself burned out and feeling drained.
To avoid such occurrences, it’s best to take active breaks from your work or day-to-day tasks to give your brain and body a chance to “breath” and reboot.


There’s a Lot More to Posture

Believe it or not, posture and wellness are deeply connected. In fact, maintaining good posture not only help minimize back pain and pelvic floor tension, but it also helps in improving your overall mood.
Essentially, this is because efficient posture allows you to breathe through your diaphragm, which leads to better blood circulation. As a result, this helps boost your energy and improve your overall mood.

Find Hobbies to Release Emotional Toxins

Often, without the right avenue to destress and meditate, negative emotions like fear, sadness, disappointment, and anger tend to pile up deep within us. In the long-term, these feelings will become heavier and contribute to the toxicity in our lives.
By getting a hobby, such as engaging in sports or arts, this will provide us an avenue to release our emotional baggage.

A Laugh a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Ever heard of the phrase, “laughter is the best medicine”? Well, laughter is also the best vitamin! Generally, laughter helps minimize the production of stress hormones in the body and contributes to the improvement of our immune system.
With this, enjoying a good belly-laugh at least once a day can help you become more aware of your mind-body connection.

The Bottom Line

Is the pandemic starting to make your feel more stressed out lately? Improve your mind body wellness by practicing these tips discussed above. To know more, don’t hesitate to visit your psychologist and ask about mind-body therapies today!