Truth be told, Camarines Norte is not a part of people’s bucket list ideas. Many come to Camarines Sur and Albay as these places are the most advertised in the media industry. Little did we know, there are far greater sceneries Camarines Norte has to offer and here are a few of them. This list ranges from places worth visiting while in the town to activities and what to do’s while in Camarines Norte.

1. Visit the very first Rizal Monument in Daet

Travel Guide: 11 Must-See and Do in Camarines Norte - First Rizal Monument -
The very first monument was built 2 years after Jose Rizal’s execution in Daet, Camarines Norte. It was declared a historical landmark and is now known as the oldest Rizal Monument. The podium was inscribed with the titles and publication year of Rizal’s novels: “Noli Me Tangere” (1887), “El Filibusterismo” (1891), and “Morga” (1889).

2. Take a look at the Luklukan (Bantayog) ng mga Bayani

Travel Guide: 11 Must-See and Do in Camarines Norte - Luklukan ng mga Bayani -
This is located in Daet where the first Rizal monument is placed. It’s a podium with the names of the heroes of Camarines Norte were inscribed. travel guide camarines norte
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3. Eat the sweetest Pineapple

Travel Guide: 11 Must-See and Do in Camarines Norte - Pineapple -
Camarines Norte is known for sweetest pineapple produce if not in the Philippines, the world. You can definitely enjoy bits of pineapple without the sour taste. If cravings don’t satisfy you, here are your what and where to eat list for Camarines Norte.

4. Visit JSM Yellow-Green Organic Farm

Travel Guide: 11 Must-See and Do in Camarines Norte - JSM Organic Farm -
If you’re keen to see fresh fruits and veggies plus boars, livestock, and other wild animals, this place is a good shot for adventure and learning. The farm is located in Sta. Rosa Sur, Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte.

5. Have a taste of History at Museo Bulawan

Museo Bulawan is located in Daet, Camarines Norte. It’s also known as the “Golden Museum” not because of its colour but because of the collections, memorabilia, and aged items from the World War II, beyond and the recent past. If you’re a history buff, this place is for you. travel guide camarines norte


6.  Visit the Paroqquia de Nuestra Senyora del Santissimo Rosario

The church is also known by its English name as “Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish”. Situated in front of the Jose Panganiban Municipal Building.

7. Ride the Zipline at San Lorenzo Ruiz

It’s the longest zip line in the whole Bicol region. Flourish your adventurous personality by having a drift of awesomeness. It cost P250 a ride (two-way) for the sitting position and P350 a ride (two-way) for the superman position. travel guide camarines norte

8. Refresh yourself at Binuang Falls in Labo

Situated in the town of Labo in Camarines Norte, Binuang (bin-wang) Falls is a real treasure. It’s a 3-tier waterfall wherein you can take a dip in the first level and second level or jump from the cliff at the 3rd level.

9. Accommodate yourself at Paradiso Verde Organic Farm and Resort

Paradiso Verde Organic Farm and Resort is located at Purok 2, Brgy. Malasugui, Labo, Camarines Norte. The 4-hectare destination offers this kind of facilities: Jacuzzi, infinity pool, private swimming pool, kiddie pool and playground, team building centre, basketball court, tennis court, function hall, organic farm, and fishing.

10. Witness Miracles at Parroquia de Nuestra Senora de Candelaria

Parroquia de Nuestra Senora de Candelaria is located in Paracale, Camarines Norte, the gold town of Bicol Region. Many devotees said to have experienced a lot of great miracles from Lady of Candelaria. It was established in 1611 and was built by Franciscan friars. Today, it’s more than 400 years old making it the oldest church in Camarines Norte. travel guide camarines norte
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11. Go island hopping in Camarines Norte

Camarines Norte has islands and beaches that they could really be proud of. One of which is the famous Calaguas Island and another is the pink beach known as Parola Island. I created a separate list for the beaches that can be found in this link.
Now that there is a list of what you need to do and visit in Camarines Norte, what are you waiting for? Tell your friends and bring your family for an awesome adventure! travel guide camarines norte
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