In the state of Western Australia, overlooked by Mount Eliza, the Swan River flows into The Indian Ocean. Here, fringed with sandy beaches, lies the state capital, Perth. Dating back to 1829 and named after Perth in Scotland, Perth is Australia’s fourth most-populated city. Perth’s boom came in 1881 with the discovery of gold, and by 1901, the population had grown from 8,500 to 61,000. Gold mining is still a major part of the local economy and helps to support a population which is now over 2 million.


Perth is now a modern city with its roots firmly set in the Victorian era and a popular destination with more than 3.5 million visitors every year. Many tourists are attracted by its glorious sunshine and sandy beaches, but there is much more to see and do in this city.

A peek into the past in Freemantle

In the Southwest of Perth’s metropolitan area, is Freemantle. This is a perfect insight into the history of the area’s colonial past. Named after Charles Freemantle, the British Naval officer who established the first settlement in 1829, it is now the principal port of Perth and is an insight into the region’s history. The buildings are beautifully preserved, and strolling through the streets whisks you back to the Victorian and Edwardian eras. The Round House, Freemantle prison, Freemantle market, and the Arts Center, are architectural gems open to discovery.


Kangaroos on Heirisson Island


You can’t come to Australia and avoid any reference to the Kangaroo, but seeing them is something else. Hop along the walkway onto Perth’s Heirisson Island in the Swan River, to enjoy this sanctuary for the famous marsupial. See these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat. Use the public BBQ facilities and interact with these friendly animals. Heirisson Island is fun for all the family.

The Pub Food scene

There are plenty of traditional pubs in Perth, a trend inherited from the British, particularly popular are Fibber McGee’s, and Durty Nelly’s. “Pub Grub” is a great way to experience traditional food, steak, and kidney pie, Yorkshire pudding, fish and chips or liver and bacon with mash and peas. Delve into the simple, informal culinary delights for a great dining experience.


UWA, Western Australia’s oldest university

Across the road from the beautiful Matilda Bay Reserve, is the University of Western Australia (UWA). Dating back to 1911, the university hosts many visitors who come to admire its architectural beauty and to wander around its immaculately manicured gardens. Its iconic Winthrop Tower is a popular venue for weddings, where you may be lucky enough to see Macca the pig, that stays in the UWA’s child care center and often takes a walk around the gardens.


Shop and Entertain in Northbridge

Just a short walk from the city center is Northbridge. A breathtaking mix of shops, cafes, restaurants, and pubs makes this a lively center for all age groups. Here you can buy just about anything, eat and drink just about anything, or sit and relax while people-watching. As the sun goes down, Northbridge sports some of the best nightlife in Western Australia. 

Mount Eliza and Kings Park


Here, man meets nature. Kings Park on Mount Eliza is a wonderful contrast to the city. Enjoy the walking trails and botanical gardens. View the city skyline as you walk through the treetops along the Lotterywest Federation Walkway, or take in the Swan River vista after climbing the 101 spiraling steps of the DNA Tower. Bring your lunch and enjoy the beautiful picnic areas, all the family will enjoy Kings Park and Mount Eliza.

Visiting Perth is an informative insight into Western Australia’s heritage, its origins live side by side with contemporary life. To understand Australia’s history, shop or revel in the sunshine, or relax on the sandy beaches, Perth is the place to visit, and you can visit Perth with us.



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