Karnataka is ranked as the 4th must visit place in the country of India, a spot you shouldn’t miss when you visit. It is home to the country’s best beaches, wildlife parks and sanctuaries, mountains, and much more.
There are quite a few number of activities and places to visit in Karnataka. This may include wildlife parks, boating and fishing, beach hopping, or mountain trekking. Whatever trip you might have in mind, Karnataka could give you what you desire in terms of travel and tourism.
Here are a few that you can do and visit while in Karnataka.

1. Jungle Safari at the Kabini Forest Reserve

Top Things to Do and Places to Visit In Karnataka - Kabini Jungle Safari -
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Environmental enthusiasts would definitely love this activity. People would always think that a safari is only available in Africa, little did they know, it’s all over the world, name it, like in Kabini River. Kabini is known for its green landscapes and sightings of tigers, a herd of elephants, and other known wildlife. Recommendation for an overnight or long-term stay is at Kabini River Lodge. Imagine waking up to the beautiful landscape and forestry views, surely a dream come true.

2. Discover Shivanasamudra Falls

Top Things to Do and Places to Visit In Karnataka - Kabini Shivanasamudra Falls -
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Discover the majestic views of Shivanasamudra Falls located on the banks of Kaveri River. This is a segmented waterfall. Segmented waterfalls happen where the flow of water is broken into two or more area before dropping over a cliff resulting in multiple waterfalls.


3. Visit St. Mary’s Islands

Top Things to Do and Places to Visit In Karnataka - St. Mary's Islands -
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One interesting fact about St. Mary’s Islands is about its very distinctive geological formation of columnar basaltic lava. Scientific researchers say that the basalts were formed by a sub-aerial subvolcanic activity. It also has a site that has been tagged important for “Geo Tourism”. The only way of getting to the islands is by boat. Swimming is not prohibited in the area so you definitely can enjoy an overnight camp or day swim on the island.

4. White Water Rafting in Kabini

Top Things to Do and Places to Visit In Karnataka - White water Rafting -
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If you are looking for more than just wildlife and beaches, the adventure awaits you by getting into the rush of white water rafting activity. Kabini River is one of the most popular spots for doing this activity. If you are looking for other places to start white water rafting, there’s one in Kondaji (Davanagere), Barapole (Coorg), or Sitanadi (Agumbe).

5. Visit Shravanabelagola

Top Things to Do and Places to Visit In Karnataka - Shravanabelagola -
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If you are a culture fanatic, India truly has a lot to offer. One of the many will take you to Shravanabelagola. At the top of the Vindhyagiri hill stands Asia’s tallest monolithic statue, but before you reach that point, you still have to trek around 600+ steps just to get to see it.
Shravanabelagola or “White Pond of the Shravana” is named to the colossal image of Gommata. It’s not the only historic place you can visit in Karnataka so you better get yourself do some more research if you want to see them all. I’m sure you’d be drooling enough of India’s rich culture and history.


6. Trek around the Nandi Hills

Top Things to Do and Places to Visit In Karnataka - Nandi Hills -
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Nandi Hills is one of the most popular weekend getaways for locals and tourists alike. It is located just 60kms of Bangalore, perfect for a day trip.  Upon reaching the top, scenic views await you as well as fresh air and epic landscape. Some adventure enthusiasts also go to Nandi Hills for their Paragliding activities.
There are more activities and places to visit in Karnataka than just the places mentioned here. If you love safari and wildlife, Kabini is the most popular. If you want to be more adventurous, then Karnataka has more than enough of adrenaline rush activities for you. On a cultural trip? Visit the temples and be amazed at India’s rich history and culture. You decide what you want to do and hop on a flight to Karnataka!

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