There are plenty of beach resorts in Batangas where you can take a break and relax from the busyness of the city and hustles that comes with it. Also, Batangas had been the quick go-to place by people living in the capital city of the Philippines, Manila. Resorts have sprung left and right because there has been a great demand lately for vacationist especially in this modern world and to make them visited by many, there has to be something unique to it. There we found The Seashore Beach Club and Aqua Play Inflatable Adventure.

The Seashore Beach Club

The Seashore Beach Club is a membership club/resort where you can enjoy and earn with your investment at the same time. It’s located in San Juan, Batangas, a prime spot for fine sand beaches in the province.
We get to be the first to be invited to taste and experience what The Seashore Beach Club has to offer. At the time we visited, construction is still going on but some of the facilities have been ready. The resort is on it’s way to completion probably by the year 2020.
At the moment, the infinity pool has already been constructed together with the cottages and the front office/lounge. The current main attraction at the resort is the Aqua Play Inflatable Adventure, an inflatable floating park where members and non-members can enjoy inflatable installations at the sea.
As early as now, interested investors are welcome to check the site and see the deals and offer made for them, what costs are there to invest, what benefits can a member have, and how can you earn with your investment.

Here are some of the basic know how’s when you invest and buy shares in The Seashore Beach Club.

  1. LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP (can be inherited).
  2. PROFIT SHARING of 30% of The Seashore Beach Club annual net income will be divided to all the members.
  3. Gain a 20% INCOME Referral when your MEMBERSHIP is used by friends or family friends.
  4. The beach Club Share Membership can be saleable.
  5. Free 2 days and one night stay once a year including your family members.
  6. 50% Discount for succeeding vacation of members.
  7. Membership can be INHERIT as per approval by the Beach Club Management.
  8. Certain percentage of DISCOUNTS from accommodation, water sport activities, restaurants, sport facilities, restobar, souvenir boutique and spa.
  9. Your Membership card will be able to use to all The Seashore Resorts and hotels with the same privileges.
  10. Big and Unlimited Profit sharing!

The Seashore Beach Club future sites:

• Calatagan, Batangas
• Cagbalete, Quezon
• Leyte
• Cebu
• Coron
• Puerto Princesa, Palawan
• Davao & Samal Island



– Banana Boat
– Parasailing
– Pedalboat
– Kayak
– Fly Fish
– Snorkeling
– Jet Ski
– Fly Board
– Paddle Board
– Hover Board
There are plenty of things you can do in The Seashore Beach Club, with a lifetime investment with unlimited earnings, you definitely are gonna get what you deserve.

Aqua Play Inflatable Adventure

The Aqua Play Inflatable Adventure is a floating inflatable park installation located at The Seashore Beach Club will definitely give you an amazing time and thrilling adventure that you cannot experience anywhere else.
It boasts a 40-meter tall floating slide that could give you the adrenaline rush you need to relieve your worries and stress from work. Science says that having an extreme adventure when you are stressed can help boost your mood and mind. It frees you of the things you are always thinking about, and that’s more than what alcohol can do.
Aqua Play Inflatable Adventure has more than 10 floating attractions you can choose from, from the easiest one with a trampoline to the more challenging course where you can test your strength and stamina, to more thrilling attractions like the human launcher and the tall slide.
We had so much fun when we tried and tested the inflatable park. At first, it’ll really be difficult to climb up a platform but it goes easier as you hop on to another one. The platforms can be really slippery so it’s more advisable to wear aqua shoes and not ordinary sandals or slippers.
Also, since you would want to be taking pictures and documenting your memories while there, you should definitely bring an action camera or a waterproof device that can capture photos and videos. Recommended action camera brands are GoPro, Supremo, Yi Action cam, or SJCam.

Check our video and adventure below.

Aqua Play Inflatable Adventure rates:

₱500 – Use of Inflatable Adventure Park only
₱899 – Use of Inflatable Adventure Park with use of kayak, pool and with lunch
₱1599 – Unlimited use of Inflatable Park with use of Kayak, Pool and with Lunch
Other activities:
Paddleboard – ₱150/hr
Kayak – ₱200/hr
Jetski – ₱3000/30 mins
Banana Boat – ₱300/person/15mins
Lunch only:
₱300 – adult rate
₱250 – child rate


To reserve/book, Call/text:

San Juan Office:
Alabang Office:

TIP: Booking in advance is cheaper than walk-in.

3rd Island Cove

The 3rd Island Cove is the first resort that has been put up by now The Seashore Beach Club President and CEO, Mr. Arnel Mindanao.
It’s where we were dropped off before heading to the Seashore Beach Club. It consists of Nipa Huts that serve as homes or cottages for the guests wanting an overnight stay or a day tour vacation. A huge hall made of bamboo and nipa leaves serves as our mainstay for the day, where food was also served.
The beach in San Juan ain’t white sand but the water is still clear and clean. There’s the fine black sand that I’m sure you will love stepping on. Activities like swimming and kayaking are also available in the resort. If in case you haven’t brought your own food, you can avail their meals at the resort at a reasonable price.

Smart Sky Travel

If one of your bucket lists is to ride a helicopter, then visiting The Seashore Beach Club would also be a good time. Smart Sky Travel is a business partner by The Seashore Beach Club and will surely fulfill your dreams of flying into the air via a helicopter.
Packages and rates are only available at the site or when you enquire using the numbers below. The helicopter ride is non-exclusive to members so anyone who would love to fly and see the resort in bird’s eye view is welcome at a certain fee.

For CONTACTS and INQUIRIES for The Seashore Beach Club:

You may call them at:
San Juan Office:
Alabang Office:


The Seashore Beach Club
FB Page:The Seashore Beach Club, Inc.
Calubcub 1st, 4226 Calubcub, Batangas, Philippines



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