Here’s how you could get a Japan Visa as a Filipino Tourist in Japan!

Getting Yourself A Japanese Tourist Visa -
I know for sure, you are reading this because you want to travel to Japan and you need a Japan visa! Might you be a fan of a Japanobela (a term for Japanese novel shows), funny Japanese shows you see most likely in Youtube and viral Facebook videos, a middle-aged person who’s most childhood was spent watching two or more favorite Anime’s like Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, Ghost Fighter, etc., or you just really want to go to Japan without any particular reason but to visit and immerse in its rich culture and cuisine.

As a Filipino, you need to acquire a VISA to secure a pass to the Land of the Rising Sun. It’s not like any other Asian countries where you can just book a ticket and fly whenever you want. It needs preparation and when you work for it, it’s truly rewarding. Believe me, it really is! How to Apply for Japan Visa
Enough of the second thoughts, please! Getting your Japan Visa isn’t as hard as it seems. You just need to present the required documents and voila! Japan Visa! There’s no personal interview required and the documents to be presented are minimal. Since September 2014, they have made the process of Japan visa application relaxed for Filipinos to boost the tourism in their country.

So, what are the required documents then?

I have provided a checklist for you, arranged according to priority.

Note: This is for a Tourist Visa only with No Guarantor (sponsor).

  1. Valid Philippine Passport (with at least 2 blank pages and expiration is not less than 6 months)
  2. BIR Form 2316 (Certificate of Compensation Payment / Tax Withheld) – Original and Photocopy
  3. Bank Certificate (from a local or international bank)
  4. Birth Certificate (issued within One year)
  5. Japan Visa Application form (available at the travel agency and their website)
  6. Photo sized for Japan visa (this is ultimately required for the form, white background)
  7. Daily Schedule in Japan (form available at the travel agency and their website)
  8. Marriage Contract (if married, else not needed)
  9. Valid IDs (Company, School, UMID, PhilHealth, etc)
  10. Certificate of Employment and Compensation
  11. Airline Tickets
  12. Hotel / Hostel Bookings

Numbers 1 to 8 being the highest priority on the list, the JP Embassy needs to secure that you are eligible for travel and that you can support yourself during your stay. The rest are optional but still preferred to secure yourself a Visa for Japan. Those remaining documents will provide a high chance of getting your Japan visa approved, but will not guarantee you 100% of approval. Other things you might wanna do? Pray.


japan visa -
Important details have been blocked for security.
In my case, with the help of prayers, we all got approved with 15 days Single Entry Visa to Japan. We’re only gonna stay there for 5 days so this will do. We got it after a week because we applied a day before the APEC Summit week. It was a nerve-wracking moment and we were really nervous about the result like it’s some kind of an exam to pass. If one got denied, all our preparations have to be revised. Also, Japan was our very first international travel. Thank God it was approved!
Most first-timers to Japan will be approved with this Visa details, but that still depends on how are you going to support your stay. People who had been to Japan before and applied for the 2nd time will mostly get a multiple-entry visa. People who have more than enough to support their stay is also eligible for a multiple-entry visa even if it’s the first time they apply. How to Apply for Japan Visa


Q:   Do we need an agency or we should apply personally?

A. I have not encountered anyone yet who applied personally at the embassy. It’s more preferred to have your agency do all the work after you have surrendered your requirements to them. In our case, we inquired at Reli Tours and had them process it. As I have mentioned, the process was relaxed already.

Q:   Where is the agency located?

A:    We inquired at their SM Mall of Asia branch. They also have other branches located at Dusit Thani in Makati, SM Southmall in Las Piñas and SM Megamall at Shaw Blvd. More information can be found on their website: How to Apply for Japan Visa 

Q:   Is there a fee? How much?

A:    Yes, there is. By the time we inquired, handling fee was PHP 950 for a Japan visa. I don’t think it will change anytime soon. The price is only for a Tourist Visa with No Guarantor.


Q:   Is there a tour provided by them? Did you avail it or you did a DIY Itinerary?

A:    Yes, they provide tours and tickets with a certain price but we did not avail of the tours. We made ourselves our own itinerary. How to Apply for Japan Visa

Q:   Can we also submit tickets and hotel bookings?

A:    Yes, you may submit those documents. As I have mentioned on the checklist, they will help but does not guarantee approval.

Q:   How much would be the show money? Any estimated amount?

A:    All of us made sure that we get to have more than PHP 50,000 in our bank accounts.

Q:   If I couldn’t have that amount before the application, any other options we can have?

A:    If one or two of you have no enough money to support himself, borrow from a friend and secure a Bank Certificate after a day. How to Apply for Japan Visa


Q:   When should we apply for a visa?

A:    Please apply for a visa at least 3 months before your departure date. Don’t rush yourself, apply as early as possible to avoid hassles and unexpected constraints. How to Apply for Japan Visa 

Q:   What if I am unemployed?

A:    I’m not sure about this but you have to make them believe you will be back to your home country. Sometimes, a visa doesn’t get approved because the embassy will think you’ll just find a job in Japan. If you have your own business, secure a BIR Form for yourself.

Q:   Will there be a personal interview?

A:    No, there is no interview for JP Visa application. How to Apply for Japan Visa 

Q:   Do we need to secure ourselves check-in baggage allowance?

A:    Dear, it depends on how long you are staying. You can bring a backpack if you’re only gonna stay for a few days. Make sure all your clothes and other belongings fit in on your bag and must not exceed 7kgs (depending on your airline), else, please buy baggage allowance especially if you are going to Japan during winter. Jackets are bulky and will surely cost a significant amount of weight.

Q: Do you have a sample itinerary?

A. Yes, you may check this link for our itinerary.
Okay, enough of the questions. Any other questions and needed advice, please comment below. I will try and find a way to help you with your inquiry. How to Apply for Japan Visa
To those who are about to apply for their Visa, GOOD LUCK! I pray for the approval of your application! Once it is approved, have fun in Japan! Oh, and if you might ask, YES, I ENJOYED EVERY PART OF MY VISIT! It’s such an awesome experience and I wanna go back soon!

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