One thing that most people are looking for is a place where they can do things together, closely, and at everyone’s eye reach. Not only that, but people are also looking for places that are not only packed with good facilities but are also picture perfect, also known as, “Instagram-able”. We found a place that’s exactly just like that and it’s located in Los Baños, Laguna, The Cliffhouse Laguna!

The Cliffhouse Laguna Hot Spring Resort

The Cliffhouse Laguna is located inside Springdale Subdivision in Los Baños, Laguna, just a few meters after the exit ark from Pansol, Calamba, Laguna. It was a family resthouse that has been later turned into a profitable business as a resort that is best for groups. It’s located on a cliff with a great view of Laguna Bay and the surrounding environment of Los Baños, Laguna.

How to get to The Cliffhouse Laguna

Getting there is fairly easy as the subdivision where it is located is in the side of the road.
1. From Manila (Buendia/Cubao), ride a bus heading to Sta. Cruz. Tell the driver to drop you off at Springdale Subdivision in Los Baños. (Less than ₱100)
2. From Springdale Subdivision gate, hire a tricycle (costs ₱50 per ride) and tell them to take you to The Cliffhouse Laguna.
3. OR from Springdale Subdivision gate, walk about 10 minutes. It’s just a straight path and the Cliffhouse Laguna is at the end of the road, to your left side.


What you need to know about The Cliffhouse Laguna

1. The Cliffhouse Laguna is situated on a cliff and the views atop is magnificent and glorious. Makes you want to click your camera shutter all the time. But it requires energy when going up which is good for the heart.
2. The main selling point of The Cliffhouse Laguna is their infinity pool. The infinity pool is so gorgeous and beautiful even during the night plus it has a view of Laguna Bay, a perfect backdrop. A picture perfect place for Instagrammers and photo enthusiasts.
3. The infinity pool’s temperature is thermal, so yes, it is a hot spring. The water is not cold, but a lukewarm temperature, makes you want to dip longer in the water. There’s also a part jacuzzi in the pool. Great bubbling experience.
4. Near the pool is their videoke/karaoke room that you can use while you are renting the place. You can still sing your hearts out even when it’s past 10 PM because the neighboorhood is a few meters away. Yep, 24 hours videoke! There’s also a billiard table that you can use anytime you want.
5. You can cook any meal you want. The use of LPG, stove, kitchen utensils and everything else are included in your rent. There’s also a provision for drinking water during your stay.
6. The living room is lit! A great place to just relax, or watch TV/movies if you’d not like to use the Karaoke and the pool.
7. There are five (5) rooms in the resort. Three of them have great views (rooms 2, 3, and 4) of the Laguna Bay. While the two other rooms (rooms 1 and 5) are rooms with nice ambiance but doesn’t have a view of the lake. There’s a hot and cold shower, take note.

We stayed in Room 4. It was said to be the most favorite room by most people who rented the place as it was also previously the room of the owner. There’s a floor to ceiling glass walls that make it a perfect room to see the view from your bed. Imagine waking up in the morning with a nice view in front of you.

8. Rooms 3 and 4 has its own bathroom. Rooms and 1, 2 and 5, have shared bathrooms. There’s also a bathroom in the pool area.

Room 4 Bathroom

9. The roof deck is also a great place to hang-out and hold events or reception when there’s an occasion. You can also see the 180° view of the Laguna Bay from this point of the resort. Totally amusing!

10. The in-house staff is accommodating and kind especially Kuya John. Do not forget to leave a tip for them if you found their service so good.
11. There’s also free WiFi and a good signal reception from Smart and Globe carriers.

Here’s our short Facebook review:

“The views, the thermal pool, the rooms, the facilities, everything is worth every penny! It’s also easy to get to the place, just one ride away from Manila! We had such an enjoyable stay especially that you get to see magnificent views from The Cliffhouse Laguna and that you could do unlimited videoke all night long! This place is really perfect for large groups. That when you cut all the costs to every person in the team, it’s like about 500/person only. Highly recommended and commendable place!”
I really cannot see anything that needs to be improved because I see none, I mean, I know there should be at least one but all we had was a good experience. There was not even a corkage fee for all the food (and alcohol drinks) that you will bring and you are free to do anything you want. Please be aware though that there is a CCTV security camera to look out for your actions.
Please note also that this is a resort and not a hotel. So please bring your own towels and toiletries. There’s a 711 store nearby, just outside the subdivision, in case you run out of supplies.

The Cliffhouse Laguna Rates (and how to book)

Current Promo rates:
– Available only for Sunday to Thursday ( Except Holidays )

8am to 6pm
15 to 25 Pax
8pm to 6am
15 to 25 Pax
Php12,000 nett
FULL DAY (22 hour Stay)
8am to 6am or 7pm to 5pm
15 to 25 Pax
Php20,000 nett
Good for 15 up to 20 pax
Please call them for the AVAILABLE DATES
or message them thru their FB Page
Smart 0939-9036856
Globe 0917-5225168
Sun 0922-3752935
PLDT (049) 573-2989


Hot Spring Resort

FB Page: Click here to redirect
Phone: Smart 0939-9036856
Globe 0917-5225168
Sun 0922-3752935
PLDT (049) 573-2989


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